Radio Playlist for 9/30/2008

A Big Yes + A Small No, April March, Band Marino, Benjamin Gibbard, Boneless Children Society, Brian Eno, Colorstore, Cornershop, DJ Me DJ You, Emiliana Torrini, Enon, Flight of the Conchords, Golden Shoulders, Gotan Project, Guv’ner, Hands Down Eugene, Head of Femur, Luna, Marcellus Hall, Mastretta, Mitsoobishy Jackson, Os Mutantes, Pavement, Playlists, Starlight Mints, Stranglers, The Gomers, The Mabuses, Thomas Function, Westbound Train, XTC, Zoobombs

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  1. Song
  2. Jungle Drum

    Emiliana Torrini

    Also scores high on the exotic scale, as Emiliana is half-Italian, half Icelandic. Shout out to my crypto-Icelander Hannah.

  3. South Central Rock


    Japan says, “swift the kick mighty!”

  4. BREAK

  5. A Minha Meninha

    Os Mutantes

    Brazilian psychedelica — Thanks, uncle Dave!

  6. Baby’s On Fire

    Brian Eno

    And speaking of Byrne, here’s some Eno

  7. I Have A Dream

    Band Marino

    Outta Orlando, check them out before you have to wait in line

  8. BREAK

  9. Star Position

    Marcellus Hall

    Vocalist of White Hassle

  10. Let My Burden Be

    Golden Shoulders

    Another standout GS track

  11. Funky Days Are Back


    British Hindo-funk

  12. BREAK

  13. Where’s The Fire

    Head of Femur

    Gadzooks, that sound

  14. Miss Madison

    Hands Down Eugene

    Some Athens stuff

  15. Relentless Machine

    Thomas Function

    Lives up to its name

  16. BREAK

  17. Broke A Promise


    Old favorite

  18. Dance Jack Palance

    The Gomers

    Reissue of obscure (maybe rightfully so) album. Check out the vibe solo!

  19. Are You Receiving Me?


    Kinda goes with the last track!?

  20. BREAK

  21. Sorry Mama

    Westbound Train

    Rocksteady from Boston, shoutout to Gene Bovineska!

  22. Havana

    The Mabuses

    How do you pronounce it?

  23. Conjugate The Verbs


  24. BREAK

  25. Chick Habit

    April March

    From Planet Terror, watch it.

  26. White Sheets, Tight Bed


    From Spain!

  27. Meninblack


    Release successfully negotiated by Steve

  28. BREAK

  29. Sweat Indoors

    Mitsoobishy Jackson

    Dutch? Belgian?

  30. Moosh


    From Phoenix AZ!

  31. Cut Your Hair


    feat. Steven Malkmus

  32. BREAK

  33. Hiphopopotamus

    Flight of the Conchords

    Funny Kiwis.

  34. Malibu Love Nest


    Loves that Dean Warehams — Sounds like Giant Sand

  35. Indian Summer

    Benjamin Gibbard

    From Death Cab / Postal Service

  36. BREAK

  37. Salsa + Microchips

    DJ Me DJ You

    Sukia descendants, as promised

  38. Faded Away

    A Big Yes + A Small No

    Another vibe solo!

  39. Submarine #3

    Starlight Mints

    Lush pop is my weakness.

  40. Carl Sagan

    Boneless Children Society

    Carl Sagan says there are billions of stars.

  41. BREAK

  42. Santa Maria

    Gotan Project

    Downtempo tango to lull you into jazz.

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