Radio Playlist for 10/28/2008

1990s, Band Marino, Ben Folds Five, Boredoms, Cake, Chicks on Speed, Ears Magnet, Ethan Lipton, Gogol Bordello, Home, I Was Totally Destroying It, Johnny Griffith, Kiril feat. MC Wasp, MC Honky, Michael Holland, Moore Brothers, MOTOR, Os Mutantes, pApAs fritAs, Playlists, Prizzy Prizzy Please, Ray Charles, Raz Ohara, Schneider TM, Shake, SSM, Sugar Oaks, The Mach Kung-Fu, The Magnetic Fields, The Soft Boys, White Hassle

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  1. Song
  2. Corner Soul

    Ethan Lipton

    From the awesome Sandinista Project

  3. BREAK

  4. Euro Trash Girl

    Chicks on Speed

    Dry Silicon Cracker

  5. Devil’s Side



  6. Out My Eyes

    Moore Brothers

    So Beatles

  7. BREAK

  8. Where Is My Mind?

    Raz Ohara

    Stuck in my head all day. Thanks Nick!

  9. Soft Velvety ‘Fer

    MC Honky

    Frightening dream

  10. Mess Around

    Ray Charles

  11. BREAK

  12. Red Grapes In The City

    Sugar Oaks

    Clearwater band with non-Clearwater sound

  13. Fever For You

    Michael Holland

    From Jennyanykind

  14. Come On

    The Mach Kung-Fu

    Japan says, “this is the future sound of yesterday twang.”

  15. BREAK

  16. Dentistry Dub

    Ears Magnet

    via Geoffrey! ‘Alo Geoffrey!

  17. Every Time I’ve Made A Girl Cry (I Know I’ve Done My Job)

    Band Marino

    Confused? I am.

  18. Jackson Cannery

    Ben Folds Five

    Going out to Rachel G!

  19. BREAK

  20. 100,000 Fireflies

    The Magnetic Fields

    One of the most beautiful songs, ever

  21. The Light 3000

    Schneider TM

    Yet another cover of the Smiths’ song

  22. Shy Kind of Guy

    Gogol Bordello

    Yoo-krenyen and loving it

  23. BREAK

  24. Jungle Shadow

    Kiril feat. MC Wasp

    Sweatin’ in the Balkans

  25. Health Food Store

    White Hassle

    By request! My listeners must love me

  26. Plane of Illusion

    Johnny Griffith

    From the amazing Flying Funk comp.

  27. BREAK

  28. Acid Police


    Japan says, “the authorities are sour.”

  29. Thundergust of Woodpeckers

    Prizzy Prizzy Please

    Is that the right artist?

  30. Bleep #1



  31. BREAK

  32. Lost In A Dream

    pApAs fritAs

    Perfect pop from Boston

  33. Stickshifts + Safetybelts


    More old cake — still edible!

  34. That’s When Your Heartaches Begin

    The Soft Boys

    From “Live At The Portland Arms”

  35. BREAK

  36. My Friend Maurice


    Deliciously sloppy

  37. Let’s Make A Baby


    Where do babby come from?

  38. Weed


    Scotland’s answer to Supergrass

  39. Hey Alright!

    I Was Totally Destroying It

    Winner of “Longest Band Name” for this show

  40. BREAK

  41. Vida de Cachorro

    Os Mutantes

    I Heart Rita Lee

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