Radio Playlist for 11/11/2008

Arling + Cameron, Brother Bean, Carl Henry Brueggen, Derby, Dirty Poodle, Dub Narcotic, Flat Duo Jets, Gil Scott-Heron, hollAnd, Los Femurs, Low Frequency In Stereo, Perez Prado, Peter Bjorn + John, Playlists, Portugal. The man, Rabbi Shankle, Robinella + CCString Band, Robyn Hitchcock, Rocket From The Crypt, Shantel, Sugar Oaks, Sugarman 3, that dog., The Bedroom Covers, The Starlight Mints, The Texas Instruments, The Ting Tings, The Who, These Modern Socks

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  1. Song
  2. Mother and Child Reunion

    The Bedroom Covers

    Going out to those who play Simon and Garfunkel in the bedroom

  3. BREAK

  4. I Like My Pulse


    Music for lovesick oscilloscopes

  5. Call Me Lightning

    The Who

  6. Westside Angst

    that dog.

    Famous people! In this band!

  7. BREAK

  8. In The Dark

    Robinella + CCString Band

    Smoky classic

  9. Mambo 8

    Perez Prado

  10. Home is where the Hatred Is

    Gil Scott-Heron

  11. Banana Meltdown

    Dub Narcotic

    Calvin Johnson is da voice

  12. BREAK

  13. Better Days

    Brother Bean

  14. BREAK

  15. Sunshine Superman

    Sugarman 3

  16. Patterns

    Brother Bean

  17. BREAK

  18. Limousine

    Low Frequency In Stereo

    Long and stretchy

  19. Disko


    WTF is that? Balkan dub? Reggae hora?

  20. BREAK

  21. Pumpkin

    The Starlight Mints

    Insiduous chordistry

  22. Crazy Girl

    Los Femurs

    Here comes that crazy girl.

  23. That’s Not My Name

    The Ting Tings

    Oh, this crazy girl.

  24. Shiva’s R+B Dub

    Arling + Cameron

    From music for imaginary soundtracks

  25. BREAK

  26. Dark Dark Leaves

    Sugar Oaks

    Entrancing music from Clearwater

  27. Sleeping Sleepers Sleep

    Portugal. The man

    Enter it thus on the Google!

  28. Let’s Talk About Hi Fi

    Carl Henry Brueggen

    I feel like I’m flying first class.

  29. BREAK

    Rabbi Shankle

  30. The Citizen’s Show

    The Texas Instruments

    Assignment: Investigate this band

  31. Still Rock ‘n Roll To Me

    Brother Bean

    Out on a limb, and swinging!

  32. Why Don’t You Do It


    Majestic and unexpected

  33. BREAK

  34. Dark Night

    Flat Duo Jets

    The real deal.

  35. Lefty

    Rocket From The Crypt

    Mushy, fuzzy, sticky

  36. Glue

    These Modern Socks

    Winner, band name of the night

  37. BREAK

    Port St. John! Outside antenna!

  38. Squeals of Enjoyment

    Dirty Poodle

    About Fee Avenue pool

  39. Young Folks

    Peter Bjorn + John

    So very Swedish

  40. BREAK

  41. The Sleeping Knights of Jesus

    Robyn Hitchcock

    Bon soir!

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