Radio Playlist for 12/30/2008

Apples In Stereo, Arlo, Ben Folds Five, Bettie Serveert, Big Sandy + his Fly-Rite Boys, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Brave Combo, Country Teasers, Cowboy Junkies, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Jive Bombers, Joe Maphis, Marshall Crenshaw, Moonbuggy, Nevada Bachelors, Nirvana, Phish, Photon Band, Pinback, Playlists, The Beatles, The Dickies, The English Beat, The Gladiators, The High Llamas, The Minders, The Mountain Goats, The Raging Teens, The Shake, The Sharp Ease, The Squirrels, Those Peabodys, Trespassers W, Ween

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  1. Song
  2. She Don’t Use Jelly

    Ben Folds Five

    Some quite exotic exotica, from Loungeapalooza

  3. BREAK

  4. Pleasure Theme Song

    Boy Eats Drum Machine

    Relentless… goes out to Brandon at Robotronic Dynamite

  5. Istambul

    The Gladiators

    Made famous by They Might Be Giants, here’s a different version

  6. Tropica



  7. BREAK

  8. The Bird That You Can’t See

    Apples In Stereo

    Snappy and toe-tapping

  9. I Got A Hole In My Soul

    The Shake

    Bring on the psychedelia

  10. Do The Don’t

    Trespassers W

    German, in the tradition of Trio

  11. BREAK

  12. Walters


    For Heather, who recently discovered Pinback

  13. Beachwood Park

    Photon Band

    Sounds old and fuzzy

  14. Smack

    Bettie Serveert

    Crazy Belgians!

  15. BREAK

  16. Anytime, Cowboy

    Country Teasers

    How rude.

  17. Bad Boy

    Jive Bombers

    Not Louis Armstrong, as I’d suspected

  18. Move

    Brave Combo

    Frustration Ska — you better turn down the music.

  19. BREAK

  20. Mirror in the Bathroom

    The English Beat

    Who knew Costner had it in him?

  21. Stab The Unstoppable Hero


    An epic tale of tiny proportions

  22. Checking In Checking Out

    The High Llamas

    Like Steely Dan, only with a banjo

  23. BREAK

  24. Rosemary

    The Dickies

    What can I say, it’s the Dickies

  25. BREAK

  26. Molly


    High weirdness from the masters

  27. Mary Anne

    Marshall Crenshaw

    Lovely ‘80s jangle

  28. Catalina

    Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

    Western swing, take me away

  29. BREAK

  30. Polly


    Still bitter after all this time

  31. Betsy

    The Squirrels

    Exploding Cabbage Patch Dolls are dated, but nonetheless still funny

  32. Marla

    Nevada Bachelors

    From Robb Benson and the inimitable Bachelors

  33. BREAK

  34. Helen

    The Minders

    Part of the Elephant 6 collective

  35. Annabelle

    The Raging Teens

    Kicking it old school

  36. Judie

    Those Peabodys

    Brutal, punishing and more… hard to believe this is just two people

  37. BREAK

  38. Julia

    The Beatles

    About John Lennon’s mother, very tragic story

  39. Anna

    Brave Combo

    A latin standard, given the BC treatment

  40. Joan

    The Sharp Ease

    Punky and snotty, if you like it like that

  41. BREAK

  42. Lorrie Ann

    Joe Maphis

    Catchy sounds from a guitar pioneer

  43. Eliza


    Jazzy and velvety

  44. Christina

    Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

    A song of epic proportions. Welsh, too.

  45. BREAK

  46. Jenny

    The Mountain Goats

    Painfully exposed

  47. Sweet Jane

    Cowboy Junkies

    A natural closer

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