Radio Playlist for 1/27/2009

Alex Mauer, Barry Black, Belle and Sebastian, Brian Dewan, Chad VanGaalen, Dunia & Django, Goldfrapp, Goo, Gotan Project, Gus Van Sant, Hey Hey My My, Hot Hot Heat, Howe Gelb, Jim Carroll, King Kong, Lilys, Marc Ribot, Mark Mothersbaugh, MC 900 Ft Jesus, Monsieur LeRoc, Moog Cookbook, Negativland, Parker And Lily, Pillows, Pink Floyd, Playlists, Scruffy The Cat, Self, Split Enz, The Cramps, The Delta 72, The Extra Glenns, Tipsy, Twang Bang, Ultra Wide Band, Ween, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zap M

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  1. Song
  2. Novocaine For The Soul

    Moog Cookbook

    Can’t beat the Moog Cookbook on Eels

  3. BREAK

  4. Come To My Rescue

    Dunia & Django

    King Django, that is

  5. Como Se Goza

    Marc Ribot

    Con los Cubanos Postizos

  6. Drivin’ Like A Maniac

    Twang Bang

    Dedicated to all the people driving out there. You know who you are.

  7. BREAK

  8. Mystery Girl

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    From their first EP

  9. Shadow Boy

    Scruffy The Cat

    Boston band… hello college days

  10. History Never Repeats

    Split Enz

    Live — dig that string section

  11. My Apartment Complex

    Parker And Lily

    I used to live there

  12. BREAK

  13. CIS (Central Information Station)

    Ultra Wide Band

    Thrumming and humming

  14. If I Only Had A Brain

    MC 900 Ft Jesus

    Catchy catch catch

  15. Murder In The 18th Hole

    Gus Van Sant

    From 18 Songs About Golf

  16. Bike

    Pink Floyd

    By request… hola Chewbode

  17. BREAK

  18. Funny Farm

    King Kong

    For fellow Louisville KY native Joseph at RD

  19. Guzophela

    Zap Mama

    Africa via Belgium

  20. Cockroaches

    Barry Black

    Feat. the guy from Archers of Loaf [Eric Bachmann!]

  21. BREAK

  22. Kitty’s Daydream


    It’s taken a while but new Tipsy is worth waiting for

  23. Lunático

    Gotan Project

    French tango nuts

  24. Morricone

    Hey Hey My My

    Are they playing with a clock?

  25. BREAK

  26. Goo Goo Muck

    The Cramps

    Lux Interior forever

  27. Incident @ 23rd

    The Delta 72

    I like the band, but their vocalist was a big jerk

  28. The Energy Channel (Tayt Variation)


    Top psychedelia pick

  29. Beautiful Morning With You


    From the soundtrack to FLCL

  30. BREAK

  31. The River Song

    The Extra Glenns

    Franklin Bruno + John Darnielle

  32. Hardest Geometry Problem in the World

    Mark Mothersbaugh

    From the Rushmore soundtrack

  33. Car Bomb


    Going out to George and the Ice Bear [sic]

  34. BREAK

  35. Strict Machine


    A voice like shiny latex

  36. Full Custom Sack Pt. 1

    Monsieur Leroc

    Le full custom funk

  37. Always Horses Coming

    Howe Gelb

    Dusty music from Giant Sand vocalist

  38. Obedience School

    Brian Dewan

    Heed the electric zither!

  39. BREAK

  40. Praying Mantis

    Jim Carroll

    “People Who Died”, Basketball Diaries

  41. Never Squeal


    from God Ween Satan

  42. Antarctica

    Alex Mauer


  43. Blood Machine

    Chad VanGaalen

    via Brandon, Research Assistant, and also of Robotronic Dynamite

  44. BREAK

  45. Prana Yoga


    How delightful

  46. Meg Ryan


    More from that Murfreesboro scene — told ya!

  47. Talk To Me, Dance With Me

    Hot Hot Heat

    Electric nouveau Cure

  48. BREAK

  49. Sleep The Clock Around

    Belle and Sebastian

    From the BBC Sessions

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One comment on “Radio Playlist for 1/27/2009
  1. Haha, nice King Kong pick. Funny Farm is a classic.

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