Radio Playlist for 2/3/2009

Beastie Boys, Bob Wiseman, Booker T & The MG’s, Brian Eno, Buffalo Daughter, Cake, Colour, Hafdis Huld, Harold Alexander, I Was Totally Destroying It, Ill Ease, Led Zeppelin, Les Paul, Los Rabanes, M.I.A., Melvins, Mexican Institute of Sound, Nortec Collective, Playlists, Quintron, Ratatat, Ray Davies, Rogue Wave, Speedy West + Jimmy Bryant, The Dead Milkmen, The Fall, The Goldstars, The Kinks, The Ophelias, The Red Button, The Slack Republic, The Sugar Oaks, Tiny Masters of Today

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  1. Song
  2. Who Loves The Sun

    Hafdis Huld

    Made famous by the Velvet Underground

  3. BREAK

  4. Pickin’ Peppers

    Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant

    Going out to the Cook Trio

  5. Hip Hug-Her

    Booker T & The MG’s

    More classic sidemen

  6. Needles In The Camel’s Eye

    Brian Eno

    Eno x 2 … eno no no

  7. Hey Alright!

    I Was Totally Destroying It

    Hey, Chapel Hill!

  8. BREAK

  9. Escribeme Pronto

    Mexican Institute of Sound

    Speedy delivery from Research Assistant, Brandon of Robotronic Dynamite

  10. Se Murio Manuela

    Los Rabanes

    What insane mix of punk, ska and salsa is this Oh, it’s from Panama

  11. Chihuahua Punk

    Buffalo Daughter

    From Japan

  12. BREAK

  13. Guitar Boogie

    Les Paul

    Still going strong in NYC according to David Lee Beowulf

  14. Angry Eyes

    The Goldstars

    Chicago in your face… have you seen the angry eyes lately

  15. Until We’re High


    Google unfriendly award for the evening. Not even the British selling can help you

  16. Sky Pup


    Featuring Kurt Cobain playing guitar right handed

  17. Everybody’s Going To Be Happy

    The Kinks

    Had to lighten that up a bit

  18. BREAK

  19. Lake Michigan

    Rogue Wave

    As heard on that Zune ad

  20. Chicago, Now!

    The Fall

    A band with a complete history

  21. NY London Paris

    Ill Ease

    Rattles the nerves… more E Sharp

  22. BREAK

  23. Sabotage

    Beastie Boys

    Yow, it’s been 15 years

  24. Pull Up the People


    British minimalism with a Sri Lankan bent

  25. Four Sticks

    Led Zeppelin

    Four sticks, five four.

  26. Hey, Mr. DJ

    Tiny Masters Of Today

    Kids these days

  27. BREAK

    Shout out to Broadhurst, who is listening for longer and longer

  28. Rock & Roll Lifestyle


    The track that started their career

  29. Underwater Dance Club


    The magic organ man…. no wait. Shades of B52s and King Kong

  30. Mirando


    12” single for this came out today

  31. The Clap

    Nortec Collective

    Schizophrenic … wtf is it

  32. BREAK

  33. Autumn Almanac

    Ray Davies

    From the Storyteller album

  34. She’s Going Down

    The Red Button


  35. Bitchin’ Camaro

    The Dead Milkmen

    Oh, that was so offensive. I’m glad I played it

  36. When Winter Comes

    The Ophelias

    When psychedelia goes right for all the wrong reasons

  37. BREAK

  38. Banana Leaf

    The Sugar Oaks

    Sweet Floridian sunshine

  39. Mama Soul

    Harold Alexander

    Dedicated to Dr. Richard Ford

  40. Contrary To Popular Belief

    The Slack Republic

    Broken up by now… too much slack

  41. BREAK

  42. Me an Arrow

    Bob Wiseman

    A favorite tune from a favorite artist

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