Radio Playlist for 5/13/2009

1990s, Daikaiju, Dan Deacon, David Lindley, Eddi Reader, Evil Wiener, Golden Shoulders, Graham Coxon, Guv’ner, Hello The Band, Jan, Jean Michel Jarre, Jimi Hendrix, Kinky, Little Jack Melody & His Young Turks, Los Lobos, Metal Molly, Micachu & The Shapes, Ministry, Polysics, St. Vincent, Ten Years After, That Petrol Emotion, The Capes, The Daktaris, The Dissociatives, The Pontiac Brothers, The Toasters, Thee Oh Sees, This Mortal Coil, White Williams, Willy DeVille

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  1. Song
  2. Never Going Back Again ( Queen Of Scots )

    Eddi Reader

    Gimme that Stevie Nicks.

  3. BREAK

  4. Golden Phone

    Micachu & The Shapes

    This is… out there

  5. Freakin’ Out

    Graham Coxon

    Lay it on thick, guitarist of Bleh

  6. El Rayo-X

    David Lindley

    Is there anything he can’t do?

  7. Super Afro-Beat

    The Daktaris

    Mythical funk band (literally)

  8. BREAK

  9. Compulsion

    That Petrol Emotion

    Going back 20 years or so

  10. Fuzzy Little Piece Of The World

    The Pontiac Brothers

    Collectible band name, now that there’s no Pontiac

  11. El Cuchipe (Cancio Boliviana)

    Los Lobos

    Genuine sounds of… Bolivia?

  12. Tightly Wound

    The Capes

  13. BREAK

  14. The Strangers

    St. Vincent

  15. The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls


    Instrumentals have the best names

  16. My Friend

    Jimi Hendrix

    My favorite obscure Jimi track

  17. BREAK

  18. Nothing’s All Right

    Golden Shoulders

    More from their 2007 reissue

  19. Oxygene 4

    Jean Michel Jarre

    Inspired by the Moog Cookbook’s Buddy Holly

  20. J’ai Faim Toujours

    Little Jack Melody & His Young Turks

    Hongry every day

  21. Haitian Frustration (Remix)

    The Toasters

    From the seminal Thrill Me Up album

  22. BREAK

  23. Snake Mistakes

    Dan Deacon

    Super slippy sounds

  24. Enemy Destruct

    Thee Oh Sees

    Going out to Iceberg Defect

  25. Paris Circa 2007 Slash 08

    The Dissociatives

    Featuring Daniel Johns of Silverchair

  26. I’d Love To Change The World

    Ten Years After

    Is that freedom rock?

  27. BREAK

  28. Uruapan Breaks


    Bring on the Mexican non-stop

  29. Baby’s Way Cruel


    Because my baby’s way cruel… WAY cruel

  30. Juliet Was The Sun


    Breezy easy pop

  31. Hello Hello

    Hello The Band

    With John from TMBG

  32. BREAK

  33. The Vis-Art Song

    Evil Wiener

    A good customer with a distortion pedal

  34. The Box


    That’s the place I keep my spare set of socks

  35. Small Supernova

    Metal Molly

    Dig the William Gibson reference

  36. Just Got Paid


    From their Cover Up album

  37. BREAK

  38. New Violence

    White Williams

    Born of the Cincinnati scene

  39. Buggie Technica


    Unquestionably, the Japanese Devo

  40. It’s So Easy

    Willy DeVille

    From the Death Proof soundtrack

  41. BREAK

  42. I Am The Cosmos

    This Mortal Coil

    Originally by Big Star

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