Episode 012 – Under Wraps

This one is all over the place, but I guess which one isn’t? Some requested Can at the end … good one.

In this episode: AK Momo, Barry Adamson, Brian Dewan, Can, Davíd Garza, Goran Bregovic, Habiluim, Movits, Robyn Hitchcock, Self, Skatalites, Sugarman Three, The Delta 72, The Low Frequency In Stereo

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  1. Song
  2. Under Wraps

    Barry Adamson

    From an imaginary soundtrack

  3. Float Away

    Davíd Garza

    Always a smile from this song

  4. Wastepaper Basket Fire

    Brian Dewan

    Do not attempt to save expensive pieces of equipment!

  5. BREAK

  6. Stewardess


    The song that started it all

  7. Return to N.Y.

    AK Momo

    Eerie and Swedish, featuring an Optigan

  8. Just Another Let Down

    The Delta 72

    Drenchy R+B

  9. Jimmy Legs

    The Low Frequency In Stereo

    Do you has the jimmy legs?

  10. BREAK

  11. Äppelknyckarjazz (ft. Herr Wranell)


    Sweden, hip-hop, and swing music: will it blend?

  12. Focu di Raggia (feat. Carmen Consoli)

    Goran Bregovic

    From the Balkanized “Carmen”

  13. Hot Sauce

    Sugarman Three

    More funky good times.

  14. BREAK

  15. אין בגטים בגטו


    No baguettes in the ghetto.

  16. I Something You (Live)

    Robyn Hitchcock

    From the live “Storefront Hitchcock” DVD/CD

  17. Guns Of Navarone


    Classic Skatalites!

  18. BREAK

  19. Oh Yeah


    The remastered “Tago Mago” s something to hear.

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