Episode 015 – Siberia

 :: The Red Elvises ::

:: The Red Elvises ::

If you’re wondering about the dialogue on the opening track, it’s from the soundtrack to Six String Samurai, a delightfully incomprehensible film.

In this episode: Ben Folds Five, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Cats + Jammers, David Vandervelde, Esquivel, Grandaddy, Jean Jacques Perrey, Lisa Germano, Owsley, Petty Booka, The M’s, The Red Elvises, The Starlight Mints, Truby Trio, Twang Bang

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  1. Song
  2. Siberia

    The Red Elvises

    From the Six String Samurai soundtrack

  3. Popsickle

    The Starlight Mints

    A rare single — track it down

  4. On No the Radio


    Pop perfection from Alabama

  5. The Elephant Never Forgets

    Jean Jacques Perrey

    You may remember it as the theme from El Chavo del Ocho

  6. BREAK

  7. Zodiac Girl

    Cats + Jammers

    Chicago rock boogie

  8. The Group Who Couldn’t Say


    Her drag and click had never yielded anything as perfect as a dragonfly.

  9. Big Sound

    The M’s

    Not to be confused with M and “Pop Muzik”

  10. BREAK

  11. Alcohol

    Cansei de Ser Sexy


  12. Puppet

    Lisa Germano

    Maybe you can’t tell, but it’s also about alcohol

  13. Sports & Wine

    Ben Folds Five

    Finishing the booze triumvirate

  14. BREAK

  15. Nothin’ No

    David Vandervelde

    Sounds an awful lot like David Garza

  16. When I See You I Feel Weird

    Twang Bang

    Chicago two-man racket

  17. Mucha Muchacha


    Dig the stereo panning!

  18. A Go Go

    Truby Trio

    Fruitstands beware!

  19. BREAK

  20. Mercedez Benz

    Petty Booka

    A bluegrass rendition, from Japan. With ukuleles

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