Episode 025 – Propane

 :: The Wrens ::

:: The Wrens ::

I don’t know what it is about the Wrens, but something about their sound strums my strings in the right chord. Your mileage may vary.

In this episode: Applesaucer, Bishop Allen, Bongwater, Japancakes, Jason Falkner, Jenny Toomey, La Ruda Salska, Los Amigos Invisibles, Quasi, Spot 1019, Stereolab, The Anubian Lights, The Awkward Stage, The Wrens

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  1. Song
  2. Propane

    The Wrens

    Intriguing and introductory

  3. Soon


    One of the best songs ever

  4. Dreamstate in the Mainframe

    The Anubian Lights

    The only music allowed in my isolation tank

  5. BREAK

  6. Ponerte En Cuatro

    Los Amigos Invisibles

    From the land of Chavez!

  7. Felt Like a Dream


    Members now in the Lovemakers

  8. Miracle Medicine

    Jason Falkner

    Maestro on the four-track

  9. BREAK

  10. I Love You, Hipster Darling

    The Awkward Stage

    So terribly hipster sad.

  11. Just Because It’s Dying

    Jenny Toomey

    A Franklin Bruno gem

  12. One Wild Moment


    From the Pastels tribute album

  13. Click, Click, Click, Click

    Bishop Allen


  14. BREAK

  15. Rien Venir

    La Ruda Salska

    It’s in French — don’t ask me!

  16. Surf Machine

    Spot 1019

    Gnarly gnarly gnarly

  17. Our Happiness is Guaranteed


    Scratch that, this one is one of the best ever.

  18. BREAK

  19. Dazed And Chinese


    What? GI Joe?

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