Radio Playlist for 11/17/2009

Alex Arrowsmith, Ben Folds, Blithe, Boat, China Dub Soundsystem, Dr. Frank, Drool Brothers, Firewater, Flat Duo Jets, Forro In The Dark, Fort Lauderdale, Frankenixon, Higher Intelligence Agency, Hugh Cornwell, Islands, Koop, Marmoset, Marshall Crenshaw, Mary My Hope, Mojo Nixon, Shantel, Sparklehorse, Spot 1019, Supergrass, Swell, The Beatles, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, The Extra Glenns, The Fastbacks, The Mondo Crescendo, The Soft Boys, The Starlight Mints, True Love, Young Fresh Fellows

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  1. Song
  2. Memories

    The Extra Glenns

    Like only Leonard Cohen can write

  3. BREAK

  4. Silence Is Golden

    Forro In The Dark

    Seduction your name is Brazil

  5. Wrong Side Of The Tracks

    Hugh Cornwell

    Big nods to Hendrix on this one

  6. You Belong To Me

    Flat Duo Jets

    Drawling on a classic

  7. The Bevel Collector

    Alex Arrowsmith

    “I’ll show you my bevels on the overhead projector”

  8. BREAK

  9. Alright


    From “I Should Go Coco”

  10. Wrong

    True Love

    Whatever happened to True Love?

  11. Switched On


    The new synth-pop

  12. Drum Rhythm A (Music For Ballet Exercises)


    Music box for robots

  13. BREAK

  14. Lady Madonna

    The Beatles

    Wonderfully remastered

  15. Hey Bulldog


    Wonderfully reimagined

  16. Frendamine


    Exceedingly disharmonious?

  17. She All Right

    Dr. Frank

    Also of the Mr. T Experience

  18. BREAK

  19. Insanely Jealous

    The Soft Boys

    Lost gems

  20. Bucovina Original


    From the new Planet Paprika

  21. SubPar Chromosone

    Drool Brothers

    They’re laughing at you man…

  22. Conoid Tone

    Higher Intelligence Agency

    Some sort of tone for sure.

  23. BREAK

  24. YOUR Mexican Restaurant

    Young Fresh Fellows

    Their new one, produced by Robyn Hitchcock

  25. Waste Of Time

    The Fastbacks

    With Kurt Bloch!

  26. I Guess Yes


    Swedish amalgam of wtf

  27. Sugar Blaster

    The Starlight Mints

    Blasting back to their first album

  28. BREAK

  29. Fire

    The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

    Going out to Broadhurst

  30. Sexy Creature

    Fort Lauderdale

    Name that commercial

  31. Cynical Girl

    Marshall Crenshaw

    Where’s my cynical girl?

  32. Suicide King

    Mary My Hope

    Oh James, you’re so dramatic.

  33. BREAK

  34. Mushroom Maniac

    Mojo Nixon

    Mojo is wise

  35. Milk Bomb

    Spot 1019

    Lost in the mail for two years

  36. Doctor My Eyes

    Ben Folds

    From the Banger Sisters soundtrack

  37. I’ve Got Ninjas!


    Masters of the non-sequitur

  38. BREAK

  39. Three Little Words

    The Mondo Crescendo

    Catchy like the daycare flu

  40. I Hate You


    Why not them?

  41. Hammering The Cramps



  42. Throw The Wine


    Adrift in a sea of honey

  43. BREAK

  44. Yellow Cab

    China Dub Soundsystem

    Featuring Martin Atkins

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2 comments on “Radio Playlist for 11/17/2009
  1. Carl King says:

    Starlight Mints? Room noise!

  2. julius says:

    Only the best room noise for my fans.

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