Radio Playlist for 3/16/2010

Alan Copeland, Bark Bark Disco, Bettie Serveert, Bongwater, Boom Pam, Erin McKeown, Feist, Gil Scott-Heron, Guv’ner, Hefner, Ida Maria, Jamaicans, Jon Rauhouse, La Musica De La Mafia, Los Straitjackets, Money Mark, Motor, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Nevada Bachelors, Rocket From The Crypt, Rube Waddell, Sally Timms, Self, Stereo Total, Surfer Blood, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The English Beat, The Like Young, The Mattoid, The Unicorns, The Velvet Underground, They Might Be Giants, Thomas Function, Ursula 1000, Z-Rock Hawaii

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  1. Song
  2. Four Sticks


    Cacophonous adaptation!

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Oh My God

    Ida Maria

    Strangely Norwegian

    iTunes Link
  5. Song for the Lovers

    Bark Bark Disco

    Look up the groovy video + free download

  6. Happy Life

    Money Mark

    Like a Sesame Street outro

  7. Sherry Monocle

    Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

    Shout out to Mr. G

  8. BREAK

  9. Les Os

    The Unicorns

    One of my favorite from the Oughties

    iTunes Link
  10. Tennessee Waltz

    Sally Timms

    Subtle steel drums

    iTunes Link
  11. Buddy

    Nevada Bachelors

    Hey, Buddy’s got the Yoda mask again

  12. Giggle Water

    Los Straitjackets

    Nobody swaggers like Los Straitjackets

    iTunes Link
  13. Get Down

    Rocket From The Crypt

    Hang on tight

    iTunes Link
  14. BREAK

  15. U Mastru Di Lu Sonu

    La Musica De La Mafia

    You got a problem with this?

  16. Gatekeeper (Do Right Remix)


    Dedicated to fellow Canadian Ian Porter

    iTunes Link
  17. Biomusicology

    Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

    Sounding huge and epic

    iTunes Link
  18. Mission: Impossible Theme/Norwegian Wood

    Alan Copeland

    Keeping it unreal, folks

  19. BREAK

  20. Conspiracy Of Praise

    Thomas Function


    iTunes Link
  21. Voy A Ser Mama

    Stereo Total

    A song about the joys of motherhood

    iTunes Link
  22. Deny All

    Bettie Serveert

    Out next week

    iTunes Link
  23. Floating Vibes

    Surfer Blood

    Up and comers from Florida

    iTunes Link
  24. BREAK

  25. Mirror in the Bathroom

    The English Beat

    Dig the Andy Summers guitar noodling

    iTunes Link
  26. The Hymn For The Cigarettes


    She smoked in my bed ‘cause she thought it would annoy me

    iTunes Link
  27. Smoke Rings

    Jon Rauhouse

    A classic from Les Paul and Mary Ford

    iTunes Link
  28. Smokebomb

    Ursula 1000

    Music for your spy disco

    iTunes Link
  29. I’ll Be Your Mirror (Stereo Version)

    The Velvet Underground

    Breaks my heart every time

    iTunes Link
  30. BREAK

  31. Little Surfer

    The Mattoid

    Why so serious, Mattoid?

    iTunes Link
  32. Break a Promise


    Beyond the reach of auto-tune

    iTunes Link
  33. I’m New Here

    Gil Scott-Heron

    Gil is serious.

    iTunes Link
  34. Paper Moon

    Erin McKeown

    Is there anything Erin can’t sing?

    iTunes Link
  35. BREAK

  36. Uno Song


    Rockin’ it Murfreesboro style

  37. Kiss Me, Son Of God

    They Might Be Giants

    From Lincoln, probably still my favorite

    iTunes Link
  38. Chuggin’

    Z-Rock Hawaii

    What you get when you mix Ween and Boredoms

  39. Baba Boom


    Hello Broadhurst

    iTunes Link
  40. BREAK

  41. Weijl

    Boom Pam

    Hey, tuba!

    iTunes Link
  42. Tighten My Tie

    The Like Young

    Almost too short

    iTunes Link
  43. Hobo Luv

    Rube Waddell

    Downright nasty — but check out the tuba

    iTunes Link
  44. BREAK

  45. Glu


    Dance robots dance

    iTunes Link
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