Episode 045 – Update Your Blog

:: Alex Arrowsmith ::

I really am trying to heed Alex’s advice. Is there anyone out there checking ten times a day?

In this episode: Alex Arrowsmith, Apostle of Hustle, Dengue Fever, Dr. Octagon, El Stew, Grupo Vocal Sampling, House of Freaks, Lykke Li, Mika Bomb, Mike Pinto, Molotov, Quintron, Ratcat, Solex, Spot 1019, The Presidents of The United States of America, Wild Sweet Orange, Young Fresh Fellows

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  1. Song
  2. Update Your Blog

    Alex Arrowsmith

    Sage advice for modern times

  3. New Day I Hate

    Young Fresh Fellows

    The most fun you can have under half an hour

  4. Coke

    El Stew

    Heady loops, y’all

  5. Que Bueno Baila

    Grupo Vocal Sampling

    From David Byrne’s Cuba Classics 2

  6. BREAK

  7. Yellow Fever

    Mika Bomb

    From the UK

  8. Mr. Orange

    Dengue Fever

    From the US, and kinda Cambodia

  9. My Sword Hand’s Anger

    Apostle of Hustle


  10. We Are Not Going To Make It

    The Presidents of The United States of America

    Featuring a special gift from The Presidents

  11. Wild Wild Workweek

    Spot 1019

    And I’m free to take lunch nearly whenever I want to…

  12. BREAK

  13. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

    House of Freaks

    Eeriest of the eerie songs

  14. Dear Señoritas

    Mike Pinto

    Such a racket for a voice and a guitar

  15. That Ain’t Bad



  16. Ten Dead Dogs

    Wild Sweet Orange

    Catchy title

  17. BREAK

  18. Blue Flowers

    Dr. Octagon

    A true poet

  19. Meet Me At The Club House


    Live and bursting at the seams

  20. That’s What You Get With People Like That On Cruises Like These…


    Dutch, staggering

  21. Little Bit

    Lykke Li


  22. BREAK

  23. Marciano II (Punk Version)


    A taste of things to come

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