Radio Playlist for 1/11/2011

AK Momo, Amy Rigby, Andrews Sisters, Asylum Street Spankers, Ben Kweller, Bim Skala Bim, Binder & Krieglstein, Boban Markovic Orkestar, Boom Pam, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Clinton, David Garza, Fort Lauderdale, Get Set Go, Half-Handed Cloud, Holly Golightly, Jenny and Johnny, Keller Williams, Kincaid, Miss Li, Professor Elemental, Scruffy the Cat, Switches, The Consortium Of Genius, The Dismemberment Plan, The Fall, The Goodnight Loving, The Mabuses, The Mekons, The Naked + Famous, The Starlight Mints, The Vulgar Boatmen, VHS Or Beta, Ween, Weezer, Westbound Train

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  1. Song
  2. Ice Ice Baby

    Ben Kweller

    That Miami guy may have been onto something

  3. BREAK

  4. The Sun

    The Naked + Famous

    Ominous, relentless

  5. Jump Around

    Brooklyn Funk Essentials


    iTunes Link
  6. Committed

    Jenny and Johnny

    Hard candy pop glaze

    iTunes Link
  7. Digga Digga Do

    Asylum Street Spankers

    Cantina musick!

    iTunes Link
  8. BREAK

  9. Hells Angels

    Fort Lauderdale

    Actually from across the pond

  10. My Baby She’s Allright

    Scruffy the Cat

    So bright, so brief

  11. Sorry Mama

    Westbound Train

    Boston rocksteady

    iTunes Link
  12. Give Me Back Time

    Holly Golightly

    Unbalanced women are so hot

  13. BREAK

  14. Keep It On The Paper

    Keller Williams

    Nice moogy solo

    iTunes Link
  15. Greasy Spoon

    AK Momo

    Swedish clockwork siren

    iTunes Link
  16. How Now

    Get Set Go

    The Dutch girls like to play with their tools?

    iTunes Link
  17. Testify


    Delicious syrupy wooziness

    iTunes Link
  18. BREAK

  19. Odd Couple


    Death to false metal!

    iTunes Link
  20. Don’t Try To Fool Me

    Miss Li

    Mmmm, saxy

    iTunes Link
  21. Girl O’ Clock

    The Dismemberment Plan

    The stuttering monster

    iTunes Link
  22. Wild and Blue

    The Mekons

    Beautiful take on the John Anderson waltz

  23. Good Girls

    Amy Rigby

    Check her out

    iTunes Link
  24. BREAK

  25. Born In The Ghetto

    Binder & Krieglstein

    A sound for every nation

    iTunes Link
  26. The Eyes Of The Night

    The Starlight Mints

    There’s cookie monsters in the kitchen

    iTunes Link
  27. Steam Powered (feat. Mr Jon Clark)

    Professor Elemental

    All about steampunk

    iTunes Link
  28. Solid, Jackson


    Is this Elephant Six? Ya think?

    iTunes Link
  29. BREAK

  30. I Can’t Put My Finger On It


    I don’t know either, guys

    iTunes Link
  31. Bangin’

    Bim Skala Bim

    Back when ska was weird

    iTunes Link
  32. You And Your Sister

    The Vulgar Boatmen

    Gainesville jangle

    iTunes Link
  33. New Big Prinz

    The Fall

    That insolent Mark E. Smith

    iTunes Link
  34. BREAK

  35. Rum & Coca Cola (JoJo Effect Remix)

    Andrews Sisters

    Damn you, Morey Amsterdam

    iTunes Link
  36. a temporary loss of power

    The Consortium Of Genius

    Mad science interval

  37. Button Down Disco (Fila Brazilla Remix)


    Eurovision 1979 — you had to be there

    iTunes Link
  38. Od Srca (From The Heart)

    Boban Markovic Orkestar

    Missing vowels

    iTunes Link
  39. Boom Pam

    Boom Pam

    Eponymous Instrumental

    iTunes Link
  40. BREAK

  41. Mad Went The Barber

    The Mabuses

    Some Penny Lane subliminals

  42. Sunnyside

    The Goodnight Loving

    Dig their latest album with me

    iTunes Link
  43. Serpent Head Crushed

    Half-Handed Cloud

    Knoxville weirdness

    iTunes Link
  44. Discoball World

    David Garza

    The Four Track Manifesto version

    iTunes Link
  45. BREAK

  46. On & On

    VHS Or Beta

    Time for retro-disco-retro

    iTunes Link
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