Episode 053 – It’s Love

 :: Stereo Total ::

:: Stereo Total ::

Honestly, I have to say I cannot think of a better name for Stereo Total’s bratty chanteuse than Françoise Cactus. The prickly European accent of no determinate origin does something to my innards, I tell you.

In this episode: Andrei Codrescu, Beach House, Chris Knox, Holiday, Komeda, Le Couleur, Looper, M.I.A., Os Mutantes, Rosie and Me, Stereo Total, The Epizootis, The Snitches, They Might Be Giants, Tripping Daisy, Two Cow Garage, Willie Nillie, hollAnd

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  1. Song
  2. It’s Love

    Chris Knox

    New Zealand freak-folk master


    iTunes Link
  3. She’s Not The Person You Think You Know


    Gentle and tenderly

    Ready Steady Go

    iTunes Link
  4. Rouge à lèvres

    Le Couleur

    Very Stereolab

    iTunes Link
  5. Ballad Of Ray Suzuki


    Bunch of loopers

    Ballad of Ray Suzuki / Ray's Golden Fist
  6. It Takes A Muscle


    From the new one

    iTunes Link
  7. BREAK

  8. Skinny Legged Girl

    Two Cow Garage

    Ben Fold’s dirty hairy cousin

    iTunes Link
  9. A Minha Menina

    Os Mutantes

    Brazil’s answer to Sgt. Pepper’s

    Everything Is Possible!

    iTunes Link
  10. Pinkie Standing

    The Snitches

    Canadian ragers

    Star Witness

    iTunes Link
  11. It’s Alright, Baby


    Swedish grüvve

    iTunes Link
  12. BREAK

  13. Take Out the Trash

    They Might Be Giants

    Tell us about it, John

    iTunes Link
  14. Musique Automatique

    Stereo Total

    In Français

    Musique Automatique

    iTunes Link
  15. Bonfires

    Rosie and Me

    Ukulele and personal

  16. I Got A Girl

    Tripping Daisy

    Viva Dallas!

    I Am An Elastic Firecracker

    iTunes Link
  17. BREAK

  18. Mint Missiles


    Minimalist enough

    iTunes Link
  19. Pastoral Balley

    Andrei Codrescu

    Tell us more about Almond Joy

  20. The Butterfly Effect

    The Epizootis

    Burning it down

  21. Walk in the Park (iTunes Session)

    Beach House

    Like swimming in a dream

    Teen Dream

    iTunes Link
  22. BREAK

  23. Police On My Back

    Willie Nillie


    The Sandinista Project
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