Radio Playlist for 5/10/2011

Baldwin Brothers, Chinese Man, Don’t spill your drink, Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros, Eels, Elf Power, Eugene McGuinness, Hillstomp, Lisa Germano, Lyle Lovett, Mischief Brew, Monks Of Doom, Monotrona, Monsieur Leroc, Mood Elevator, My Robot Friend, Negativland, Parker And Lily, Pixies, Pram, Q-Burn’s Abstract Message, Seks Bomba, Smack Dab, Sugarman Three, The Black Keys, The Dansettes, The Evolution Control Committee, The Moog Cookbook, The Police, The Rubinoos, Times New Viking, Wild Beasts

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  1. Song
  2. Whole Lotta Love

    The Moog Cookbook

    Wandering breakdown brilliance

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Don’t Go To Liverpool

    Times New Viking

    Lo-fi hijinks

    iTunes Link
  5. Long Hard Look

    Mood Elevator

    From Married Alive

    iTunes Link
  6. Hey


    The ticking cymbals, they tick

    iTunes Link
  7. BREAK

  8. Announcement


    We’ve done all the hard work.

    iTunes Link
  9. Montefiori Cocktail

    Don’t spill your drink

    iTunes Link
  10. Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants

    Wild Beasts

    Thanks to Rupert P.

    iTunes Link
  11. Mmhm…

    Monsieur Leroc


    iTunes Link
  12. BREAK

  13. Invisible Sun

    The Police

    A gray, gray song

    iTunes Link
  14. Fresh Blood


    Nobody mopes like E

    iTunes Link
  15. Starfish

    Lisa Germano

    Brutal song

  16. Funky Junkyard

    Baldwin Brothers

    With megaproducer Dave Trumfio

    iTunes Link
  17. BREAK

  18. Oh My! (Featuring Jaime)

    The Dansettes

    Yowza, fulla soul

    iTunes Link
  19. Pertaining to the Beat

    The Evolution Control Committee

    Dance in an area that will be big enough for them to do it in

    iTunes Link
  20. Waitress

    Parker And Lily

    Are you listening Scott Beckey?

    iTunes Link
  21. Shake Some Action

    The Rubinoos

    Originally by the Flamin’ Groovies

    iTunes Link
  22. BREAK

  23. Crown the Clown

    Eugene McGuinness

    Watch this boy

    iTunes Link
  24. Sock Monkey

    Sugarman Three

    Boogaloo with the S3

    iTunes Link
  25. Olde Tyme Wayes

    Elf Power

    So very twee

    iTunes Link
  26. Tighten Up

    The Black Keys

    Oh, the miasma

    iTunes Link
  27. BREAK

  28. Boing!

    My Robot Friend


    iTunes Link
  29. Graverobber’s Blues


    Best guitar and washboard duo since Mojo + Skid

    iTunes Link
  30. Coffee God And Cigarettes

    Mischief Brew

    Very Pogues-like

    iTunes Link
  31. Sitting In A Pickle

    Smack Dab

    She’s got a short attention span

  32. BREAK

  33. Bomba au Go Go

    Seks Bomba

    Nice Drive My Car reference

    iTunes Link
  34. Cadillac Fantasy


    Proto chipning

    iTunes Link
  35. The Clockwork Lighthouse


    Sounds quite like a clockwork lighthouse to me

    iTunes Link
  36. Tanguedia (for Astor Piazzolla)

    Monks Of Doom

    It’s a delicate tango

    iTunes Link
  37. BREAK

  38. 40 Day Dream

    Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros

    A sound as big as everything

    iTunes Link
  39. Straighten Up And Fly Right

    Lyle Lovett

    Smooth, Lyle

  40. Saudade

    Chinese Man

    Nice bass intro

    iTunes Link
  41. BREAK

  42. Brain Wormed

    Q-Burn’s Abstract Message

    It’s in my head now

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