Radio Playlist for 6/28/2011

Apostle Of Hustle, Beach House, Bongwater, Camper Van Beethoven, Cato Salsa Experience, CocoRosie, Daniel Johnston, Foreign Trade, G. Love & Special Sauce, Jaga Jazzist, Let’s hear it for non-standard structures!, Oranger, Sondre Lerche, Stewart Copeland, Superchunk, Surfer Blood, The Green Goblyn Project, The Misfits, The Police, The Promise Ring, The Wrens, Trespassers W, Twang Bang, XTC

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  1. Song
  2. You Don’t Love Me Yet


    Unmistakably Erickson

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Heart

    Camper Van Beethoven

    A version with vocals of a much older song

    iTunes Link
  5. Skips A Beat (Over You)

    The Promise Ring

    Makes me all frantic

    iTunes Link
  6. Oblio Joes

    Let’s hear it for non-standard structures!

    iTunes Link
  7. Terrible Angels


    Two sisters singing in a bathroom, what’s not to like?

    iTunes Link
  8. BREAK

  9. Crazy Love

    Daniel Johnston

    Manic minimalism!

    iTunes Link
  10. Gorilla in a Rucksack


    Funky and monkey

    iTunes Link
  11. Blue Rita

    The Green Goblyn Project

    Brevard favorites

  12. (Wascha Raj)

    Cato Salsa Experience

    Can’ts stops it

    iTunes Link
  13. Heartbeat Radio

    Sondre Lerche

    Big stabby fun

    iTunes Link
  14. King Of The Boyfriends

    Twang Bang

    You heard right.

  15. BREAK

  16. Fields

    Foreign Trade

    Live on WFIT

  17. BREAK

  18. Faster Gun

    The Wrens

    Set stunners on phaser

    iTunes Link
  19. Colored Girls

    Foreign Trade

    Live on WFIT

  20. BREAK

  21. Animal Chin

    Jaga Jazzist

    Norwegians, we meet again.

    iTunes Link
  22. Golden Face

    Foreign Trade

    Live on WFIT

  23. BREAK

  24. Chick-A-Boom

    Trespassers W

    Absolutely German

  25. Kakhi Stars

    Foreign Trade

    Live on WFIT

  26. BREAK

  27. Gong Rock

    Stewart Copeland

    Bang the rock slowly

    iTunes Link
  28. Mighty Ducks

    Foreign Trade

    Live on WFIT

  29. BREAK

  30. I-76

    G. Love & Special Sauce

    In case you needed some Philly.

    iTunes Link
  31. For Tension


    From the What’s Up Matador compilation

    iTunes Link
  32. Song For Lorca

    Apostle Of Hustle

    Spooky, isn’t it?

    iTunes Link
  33. BREAK

  34. Science Friction


    Spazzing to the classics!

    iTunes Link
  35. Harmonix

    Surfer Blood

    Very catchy

    iTunes Link
  36. Hollywood Babylon

    The Misfits

    Music for wisdom tooth extraction

    iTunes Link
  37. Shadows In The Rain

    The Police

    Still my favorite

    iTunes Link
  38. BREAK

  39. Zebra

    Beach House

    What the fuss is about

    iTunes Link
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