Episode 068 – Sometimes

 :: Negativland ::

:: Negativland ::

Masters of the cut-and-paste, from back when it was literally cut and paste, Negativland continues to prove there is no escape from noise.

In this episode: 10cc, Company Man, DJ Me DJ You, David Garza, Devo, Mischief Brew, Negativland, Pram, Squarepusher, The Barry Sisters, The Epizootis, The Goodnight Loving, The Noisettes, The Oranges Band, Ui

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  1. Song
  2. Sometimes

    The Noisettes

    In a thoughtful mood

    iTunes Link
  3. Mr. Crumb

    Mischief Brew

    I dig the split

    iTunes Link
  4. OK Apartment

    The Oranges Band


    iTunes Link
  5. BREAK

  6. Time Out For Fun


    Hello. This is. Devo.

    iTunes Link
  7. Hotel


    Thanks, Bryan!

    iTunes Link
  8. Carnival of Souls


    Going out to Alex, listening down south

    iTunes Link
  9. People Together

    DJ Me DJ You

    Mmmm, buffalo wings

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  10. BREAK

  11. The Circus

    Company Man

    Kind of a downer, but still a good song

    iTunes Link
  12. Undersided


    With now-famous rock crit Sasha Frere-Jones

  13. Slave

    David Garza

    An exemplary Austinite

    iTunes Link
  14. BREAK

  15. A Flash In The Pan

    The Epizootis

    “Epizootic” is the animal equivalent of “epidemic”

  16. It’s A Long Way In A Bad Way

    The Goodnight Loving

    Can’t recommend this album enough

    iTunes Link
  17. Escape from Noise


    I say — no.

    iTunes Link
  18. Tumbalalaika

    The Barry Sisters

    Clara and Minnie Bagelman

    iTunes Link
  19. BREAK

  20. A Journey To Reedham [7AM Mix]


    Your nightly dose of glitch

    iTunes Link
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