Radio Playlist for 8/16/2011

Akakage’s Happy Set, Arling + Cameron, Ben Vaughn, Brave Combo, Countdown Quartet, Damn, Davíd Garza, Devo, Drink Me, Dusminguet, El Flaco, Evolution Control Committee, Fishbone, King Harvest, Lisa Germano, Madness, Maldita Vecindad & Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nose, Owsley, Primus, Sir Millard Mulch, The Beatles, The Cardiacs, The Continental Cousins, The Folksmen, They Might Be Giants, Toots + The Maytalls, Venice Shoreline Chris, Ween

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  1. Song
  2. El Camino

    Ben Vaughn

    Vaughn also produced Ween’s fantastic country album

  3. BREAK

  4. How About The Boys

    Arling + Cameron

    Celebratory apropos of Young Thomas Mapother Lacking IV’s birthday

    iTunes Link
  5. La Negra

    Brave Combo

    From Tejas!

    iTunes Link
  6. Lupin 3

    Akakage’s Happy Set


  7. BREAK

  8. Unflappable

    El Flaco

    Crunchy, isn’t it?

  9. Tiger Rag

    Countdown Quartet

    Hold dat tiger!

    iTunes Link
  10. Go


    French and frantic

  11. Blood On The Coal

    The Folksmen

    Favorite folk disaster mashup!

    iTunes Link
  12. BREAK

  13. Song Against Sex

    Neutral Milk Hotel

    Noisy syrup

    iTunes Link
  14. Oh No The Radio


    Named after the famed LSD concoctioner

    iTunes Link
  15. Making Plans For Nigel


    Unstoppable beat

    iTunes Link
  16. BREAK

  17. Girl U Want


    Everyone remembers this one from the skate park

    iTunes Link
  18. I Hate Retro!

    Sir Millard Mulch

    Was that Rush in the middle?

    iTunes Link
  19. So Many People In The Neighborhood


    The delightful weirdness

    iTunes Link
  20. BREAK

  21. Magnetize Your Food

    Evolution Control Committee

    Magnetize your kittens!

  22. Core

    The Cardiacs

    Under-appreciated band of the evening

    iTunes Link
  23. El Barzón

    Maldita Vecindad & Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio

    More Mexican monsterbeats

    iTunes Link
  24. BREAK

  25. Party At Ground Zero


    It’s the nonstop partying!

    iTunes Link
  26. Stink Stinky Ashtray


    Nice Ren sample

    iTunes Link
  27. Reggae Got Soul

    Toots + The Maytalls

    An original

    iTunes Link
  28. Dancin’ In The Moonlight

    King Harvest

    One hit wonders, expats in Paris

  29. BREAK

  30. One Step Beyond


    A second wave standard

    iTunes Link
  31. Lovely Rita

    The Beatles

    With a comb-and-paper section

    iTunes Link
  32. Kana Kapila

    The Continental Cousins

    From the surfing shores of… Belgium?

    iTunes Link
  33. Kinder

    Davíd Garza

    Discover Dah-veed.

    iTunes Link
  34. BREAK

  35. The Famous Polka

    They Might Be Giants

    Prelude to the great Milwaukee Stage Disaster

    iTunes Link
  36. I Said



  37. All-Nite Dinah

    Venice Shoreline Chris

    The always-amazing Chris Murray

    iTunes Link
  38. Stay Up All Night

    Drink Me

    Some wicked Fanta bottle on that

    iTunes Link
  39. BREAK

  40. Destroy The Flower

    Lisa Germano

    Haunting pieces

    iTunes Link
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