Radio Playlist for 9/20/2011

1990s, Apostle Of Hustle, Boss Hog, Chris Murray, Combustible Edison, Crooked Fingers, Downtown Harvest, Fluid Ounces, Juana Molina, Juryman vs. Taraf de Haïdouks, King Chango, Los Campesinos!, Mates Of State, Medicine Drum, Mike Pinto, Mitsoura, Portishead, Quasi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smugglers, Spot 1019, The Beautiful South, The Elected, The Fall, The Hives, The Slackers, Thievery Corporation, Vampire Weekend, hollAnd

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  1. Song
  2. Victoria

    The Fall

    Underdog knows how much I like this song

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Soul Unwind

    Apostle Of Hustle

    Feel the miles unspooling

    iTunes Link
  5. Big Love

    Chris Murray

    The soulful and Canadian tones of VSC

    iTunes Link
  6. Paperweight Machine

    Fluid Ounces

    Frenetic and rube-goldbergian

    iTunes Link
  7. See Through Head

    The Hives

    Pretty loud for being Swedish

    iTunes Link
  8. BREAK

  9. Quit Doin’ It

    Mates Of State

    Like the warm sun

    iTunes Link
  10. Lei Toi


    Demented Kartoon Balkania!

  11. Silence


    Nobody glooms like them

    iTunes Link
  12. BREAK

  13. Fight Like A Brave

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Remember when they were weird?

    iTunes Link
  14. Old Dog

    The Slackers

    Going out to all the old dogs out there

    iTunes Link
  15. House Of The Rising Bigfoot

    Spot 1019

    Yeah, damn weird

    iTunes Link
  16. BREAK

  17. Did Me Good

    The Elected

    Did it did you good?

    iTunes Link
  18. Reign Dub – Dual Tone

    Thievery Corporation

    Putting the dub into

  19. You! Me! Dancing!

    Los Campesinos!

    An explosion of exclamation marks!

    iTunes Link
  20. BREAK

  21. Switch


    You gotta switch it back

    iTunes Link
  22. Something Elephants

    Downtown Harvest

    Is this the new disco?

    iTunes Link
  23. Sparks


    With the one and only Needles on drums

    iTunes Link
  24. BREAK

  25. Un Día

    Juana Molina

    How would you classify this?

    iTunes Link
  26. Cind Eram la ’48

    Juryman vs. Taraf de Haïdouks

    Middle eastern fusion

  27. I Love You (But You’re Boring)

    The Beautiful South

    What became of the Housemartins

    iTunes Link
  28. BREAK

  29. Don’t Drop Your Pants

    King Chango

    I can’t understand this polycultural accent

    iTunes Link
  30. Duchess

    Boss Hog

    Ain’t no sleazin’ like Spencer’s

  31. La Maleta Fea

    Crooked Fingers

    The ugly suitcase is an evocative image

    iTunes Link
  32. Little Lord Fontleroy


    New one on its way!

    iTunes Link
  33. BREAK

  34. Cousins

    Vampire Weekend

    The new album does have some gems

    iTunes Link
  35. Especially You


    Live and pawnk

    iTunes Link
  36. Closer to Me

    Mike Pinto

    Hey Levi, you up?

    iTunes Link
  37. Carnival Of Souls

    Combustible Edison

    A ferris wheel for spinning souls

    iTunes Link
  38. BREAK

  39. Mandragora

    Medicine Drum

    Zone out!

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