Episode 093 – Take Stuff From Work

 :: Sex Clark Five ::

:: Sex Clark Five ::

It must be heartbreaking to be a slapdash concoction of musical genius… in Alabama. The Sex Clark Five were done and gone by the time the world really took notice, but we can still enjoy the limited artifacts they left behind.

In this episode: Andre Williams & The Sadies, Built To Spill, Camper Van Beethoven, Chris & Tad, Fergus & Geronimo, Fujiya And Miyagi, King Missile, Los Amigos Invisibles, Perez Prado, Primus, Sex Clark Five, The Bobs, The Ditty Mu, The Evolution Control Committee, The Maxwell Implosion, Thomas Function, Those Darlins

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  1. Song
  2. Take Stuff From Work

    King Missile

    Sage advice for the bottom fifty

    iTunes Link
  3. Drool At You

    Chris & Tad

    Seattle’s finest

  4. IGA Giant Pineapple Party

    The Evolution Control Committee

    I’ll call the radio station

    iTunes Link
  5. Lie for a Lie

    Built To Spill

    From their earliest

    iTunes Link
  6. BREAK

  7. Who Is On Your Side

    The Ditty Mu

    The Irish mysteries of lactation…

  8. Busted

    Andre Williams & The Sadies

    Damn, that’s sad

    iTunes Link
  9. Surprise Truck

    Camper Van Beethoven

    It’s what comes after Jerry’s Daughter

    iTunes Link
  10. Follow My Riddim

    The Maxwell Implosion

    Snakey ways

    iTunes Link
  11. BREAK

  12. Baby Don’t You Cry

    Fergus & Geronimo

    Some Denton, TX magic

    iTunes Link
  13. Guaglione

    Perez Prado

    Didja shimmy?

    iTunes Link
  14. Amor

    Los Amigos Invisibles

    El disco fantastico

    iTunes Link
  15. Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue

    Fujiya And Miyagi

    That’s 4 bits’ worth

    iTunes Link
  16. BREAK

  17. Relentless Machines

    Thomas Function


    iTunes Link
  18. Window To The Works

    Sex Clark Five

    Uncanny Alabamians

    iTunes Link
  19. Last Salmon Man


    From their new one

    iTunes Link
  20. Hives

    Those Darlins


    iTunes Link
  21. BREAK

  22. Freefallin’

    The Bobs

    Lots of love for the Petty and the Bobs

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2 comments on “Episode 093 – Take Stuff From Work
  1. Cynsation says:

    Have you heard the new Sex clark Five album, RembrandtX? Brace yourself, the SC5 are as fantastic as ever…

  2. julius says:

    TELL ME MORE. I need to get a copy of this.

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