Radio Playlist for 2/14/2012

Archers Of Loaf, Aspera Ad Astra, Bag, Barcelona, Bark Bark Disco, Ben Folds Five, Bishop Allen, Bobby Fuller Four, Bop Du Fway, Bourbon Princess, Cookie, Cornelius, Country Teasers, Elvis Costello, Fear, Forro In The Dark, James Kochalka, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Pain, Professor Elemental, Public Enemy, Ramones, Robbie Fulks, Robyn Hitchcock, Rondelles, The Avett Brothers, The Coctails, The Future Kings of Nowhere, The Lovemakers, The Mattoid, The New Duncan Imperials, The Rezillos, The Sadies, The Soft Boys, Torpedo Boyz, Ween

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  1. Song
  2. Kung Fu Fighting

    Robyn Hitchcock


  3. BREAK

  4. Slight Figure of Speech

    The Avett Brothers

    You gotta lose a couple fights to win

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  5. Fight


    Nerd ska from Mobile

  6. Monkey Vs. Robot

    James Kochalka

    The eternal conflict

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  7. I Have The Password To Your Shell Account


    Pick your passwords carefully

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  8. BREAK

  9. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In

    The Rezillos

    Nobody out-sneers the Rezillos

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  10. Fight The Power

    Public Enemy

    Back when it meant something

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  11. A Piece Of My Mind

    Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

    Do be careful

  12. Beat On The Brat


    Start at the beginning

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  13. Black ‘n Blue 4 U


    Sabrina Rockarena!

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  14. BREAK

  15. My Kooky Valentine

    Bop Du Fway

    For Coffey!

  16. BREAK

  17. It’s Nothing To Me

    The Sadies


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  18. Anytime, Cowboy

    Country Teasers

    Don’t mess with men in kilts

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  19. The Rabbit

    Bishop Allen

    There’s poison on that dagger

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  20. I Fought The Law

    Bobby Fuller Four

    Spoiler alert: the law won

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  21. BREAK

  22. Cheap Reward (Honky Tonk Demo)

    Elvis Costello

    You’ll only be the boss so long as you pay my wage

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  23. Boxing

    Ben Folds Five

    A fictional conversation between Cosell and Ali

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  24. Let’s Have A War


    Repo Man!

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  25. Hablas Con Migo Senor???

    Torpedo Boyz

    Escuchenme cabrones

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  26. Everyone’s Fightin’ The Same Damn Fight

    The Lovemakers

    It’s cheap but it works

    iTunes Link
  27. BREAK

  28. 10 Simple Murders

    The Future Kings of Nowhere

    A real Tarantino type of song

    iTunes Link
  29. Road Hog

    The Coctails

    It’s road rage time!

    iTunes Link
  30. I Wish (Bundle Of Contradictions)

    Forro In The Dark

    With David Byrne’s distinctive yelp

    iTunes Link
  31. I Hate You Baby


    Good luck with Google, Bag

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  32. BREAK

  33. Stop Making My Life Hell

    Bark Bark Disco

    3 bands and a muffin

  34. Push Th’ Little Daisies (Shitless Radio Edit – No Shit)


    Nice edits

    iTunes Link
  35. Fighting Trousers

    Professor Elemental

    Those are my time-traveling trousers!

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  36. Ape Shall Never Kill Ape


    The brutality of primates

  37. BREAK

  38. Good Beat Down

    Aspera Ad Astra

    So woozy

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  39. Backstabber


    Keyboard–playing drummer!

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  40. I’m Gonna Take You Home (And Make You Like Me)

    Robbie Fulks

    A big important SOMETHING

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  41. I Wanna Destroy You

    The Soft Boys

    Obscurely wonderful

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  42. BREAK

  43. Master Manipulator

    Bourbon Princess

    Gender quiz time!

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  44. Wrong

    Archers Of Loaf

    A triumphant return is forthcoming

    iTunes Link
  45. Running With A Fork In My Mouth

    The New Duncan Imperials

    Going out to Cory

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  46. Burn and Rob

    The Mattoid

    Originally by Paleface

    iTunes Link
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