Episode 097 – Bicycle Kid

 :: Spinal Tap ::

:: Spinal Tap ::

It’s simple mathematics. Given an “N-th Anniversary of Spinal Tap”, there is no known value for N that will not make you state “crap, Spinal tap was N years ago?”

In this episode: Astrud Gilberto + Antonio Carlos Jobim, C. Gibbs And The Cardia Bros., Camper Van Beethoven, Dilika, Joe Jackson, Jude, MGMT, Say Hi To Your Mom, Skankin’ Pickle, Spinal Tap, The Elected, The Jazz Butcher, The Philistines Jr., The Replacements, The Specials, Treat Her Right

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  1. Song
  2. Bicycle Kid

    The Jazz Butcher

    For new caller Michael!

  3. I Will Dare

    The Replacements

    Shake yer mop to the Mats

    iTunes Link
  4. Back Door

    Treat Her Right

    You heard right

  5. The Harder They Come

    Joe Jackson

    More for Angela

    iTunes Link
  6. BREAK

  7. Never Go Back

    Camper Van Beethoven

    They did play at the Rat

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  8. Pop Music Of The Future

    Say Hi To Your Mom

    Swelling waves

    iTunes Link
  9. Message To You Rudy

    The Specials

    Stop your messing around

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  10. BREAK

  11. Break Up Song


    For my cousin Alex

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  12. Agua de Beber

    Astrud Gilberto + Antonio Carlos Jobim

    Smooth standard

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  13. Ngayishela Yavuma


    Because you can’t get enough South Africa

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  14. The Ballad Of Paul Yates

    The Philistines Jr.

    With megaproducer Peter Katis

  15. BREAK

  16. It’s Working


    Yes it is.

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  17. Oversized Pin Cushion

    C. Gibbs And The Cardia Bros.

    I let the moon shine in

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  18. Rainy Day Sun

    Spinal Tap

    Not the Kinks. Or the Beatles.

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  19. Go On

    The Elected

    Dig my new ringtone

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  20. BREAK

  21. Turning Japanese

    Skankin’ Pickle

    All hail the skankin’ pickle lighter

    iTunes Link
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