Episode 099 – Revu Rockers

 :: Nortec Collective ::

:: Nortec Collective ::

Chopping and channeling norteño music and dance beats, the Nortec Collective blows up like a cheap piñata. Have some candy.

In this episode: Blue Boy, Bugs Eat Books, Buraka Som Sistema, Flat Duo Jets, Lilys, Nortec Collective, Pixies, Robinella And The CCstringband, Shazalakazoo, That Handsome Devil, The Awkward Stage, The Bottle Rockets, The Jazz Butcher, The John Buzon Trio, Tribe, Wooden Shjips

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  1. Song
  2. Revu Rockers

    Nortec Collective

    More on its way

    iTunes Link
  3. I’m Amazed


    The Purple Tape version

  4. T-Rexia Nervosa

    The Awkward Stage

    Waxing lyrical

    iTunes Link
  5. Ian Is Going to NZ

    Bugs Eat Books

    Very enthusiastic

  6. BREAK

  7. Hypnotized

    Buraka Som Sistema

    Disaster breakdown ending!

    iTunes Link
  8. Hark, an Open Channel!


    Heavy on the psych tonight

  9. A Fistful of Deutschmarks


    Very frantic, no?

    iTunes Link
  10. Mambo Rock

    The John Buzon Trio

    Lounge about with a classic

  11. BREAK

  12. D.R.I.N.K.

    The Jazz Butcher

    A live rendition

    iTunes Link
  13. Tied


    Carole has the cassette tape!

  14. Black Smoke Rise

    Wooden Shjips

    Hang on fuzz

    iTunes Link
  15. Lucky Eye

    Flat Duo Jets

    Their swan song

  16. BREAK

  17. Kit Kat Clock

    The Bottle Rockets

    Tick tick tocking

  18. In The Dark

    Robinella And The CCstringband

    So so smoky

    iTunes Link
  19. Karmakaze

    That Handsome Devil

    They sound mocking by default

    iTunes Link
  20. BREAK

  21. Remember Me

    Blue Boy

    From a Mushroom Jazz compilation

    iTunes Link
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