Radio Playlist for 4/24/2012

16 Horsepower, 1990s, Carl Henry Brueggen, French Kicks, Friends Of Dean Martinez, Greg Laswell, MC 900 Foot Jesus, Madness, Mano Negra, Maow, Maximilian Hecker, Monte Video, Mosquitos, Mr. T Experience, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Muffulletta, Nico, Os Mutantes, Paleface, Paul McCartney, Peggen, Pepe Deluxe, Rondelles, Sex Clark Five, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Shonen Knife, The Cardiacs, The Fratellis, The Grates, The Green Goblyn Project, The Magnetic Fields, The Mattoid, The Moore Brothers, The Starlight Mints

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  1. Song
  2. Career Opportunities

    Sex Clark Five

    From the sprawling Sandinista Project album

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Boombox


    Witness fruit from the jungles of Brooklyn

    iTunes Link
  5. When You Were My Baby

    The Magnetic Fields

    An oldie

    iTunes Link
  6. Polyester

    Maximilian Hecker

    Sweet sweet poison

    iTunes Link
  7. Malavida

    Mano Negra

    Later to be covered by Gogol Bordello

    iTunes Link
  8. BREAK

  9. While the City Sleeps

    MC 900 Foot Jesus

    The Dallas recluse at his height

  10. My Relatively Obscure Tastes


    You can totally hear the Toro

  11. You Open My Eyes

    The Moore Brothers

    From 2003… still fresh

    iTunes Link
  12. BREAK

  13. The Bandit

    The Starlight Mints

    Can’t wait for the concert

    iTunes Link
  14. These Days



    iTunes Link
  15. Science Is Golden

    The Grates

    From Australia!

    iTunes Link
  16. Bat Macumba

    Os Mutantes

    I think this was dis-bitulated

    iTunes Link
  17. BREAK

  18. Every Night

    Paul McCartney

    Post-Beatles, pre-Wings

    iTunes Link
  19. Sing, Theresa Says

    Greg Laswell

    Something about this song.

    iTunes Link
  20. You’re Supposed To Be My Friend


    From their debut, Cookies.

    iTunes Link
  21. Coal Black Horses

    16 Horsepower

    The ultimate spooky

    iTunes Link
  22. BREAK

  23. Destro

    French Kicks

    Angular and irresistible

    iTunes Link
  24. Henrietta

    The Fratellis

    What is in Glasgow?

    iTunes Link
  25. El Tiradito

    Friends Of Dean Martinez

    Cantina deluxe

    iTunes Link
  26. Flying Jelly Attack

    Shonen Knife

    Absolutely irresistible

    iTunes Link
  27. BREAK

  28. Come Alive


    Mysterious Swedes

  29. Israelites


    The first worldwide Jamaican hit, for Desmond Dekker

    iTunes Link
  30. Party Tonite!


    Featuring the lovely Neko Case

    iTunes Link
  31. The Alphabet Business Concern (Home of Fadeless Splendour)

    The Cardiacs

    Majestic and strange… look up this band

  32. BREAK

  33. Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop

    Monte Video

    Were you ready for that?

  34. Lonely Mary

    The Green Goblyn Project

    Brevard’s Own

  35. Burn and Rob


    Listen to your Uncle Paleface, kids. Stay off the rock and roll.

  36. BREAK

  37. Everybody Passes Me By

    Pepe Deluxe

    Finnish beatmasters

    iTunes Link
  38. Me Tienes Frito

    Muchachito Bombo Infierno

    “You have me deep fried”

    iTunes Link
  39. Two Of Us

    Mr. T Experience

    So happy, so sad.

  40. BREAK

  41. The Upshot


    Albuquerque scene-mates of the Shins’

    iTunes Link
  42. Joy

    The Mattoid

    Hey, more Finland

    iTunes Link
  43. Fortune Tellin’ Chicken

    Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

    From the Kids in the Hall themesters

  44. BREAK

  45. Idler

    Carl Henry Brueggen

    Feel the bossa

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