Radio Playlist for 12/11/2012

Apache Dropout, Ben Kweller, Bonga, Bronx Cheerleader, Cornelius, DJ Shadow, Deer Tick, Dr. Dog, Drink Me, Field Music, Galactic, Good Night States, Grizzly Bear, Islands, Kinky, MC 900 Foot Jesus, MC Paul Barman, Man Man, Mastodon, Miike Snow, Ondatrópica, Peggy Lee, Plants and Animals, Pond, Raging Teens, Romano Mussolini, Tender Trap, The Antlers, The Beatles, The Mars Volta, The Police, Ween, Young Fresh Fellows

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  1. Song
  2. A Spoonful Weighs A Ton


    Stomping all over it

    A Spoonful Weighs A Ton RSD Exclusive 7
  3. BREAK

  4. Ladies Underwear

    Drink Me

    Fanta bottle alert


    iTunes Link
  5. Ceilings

    Good Night, States

    Bouncing along

    Country/Static [Deluxe Edition]

    iTunes Link
  6. Uengi Dia Ngola


    This is Bonga!

    Angola 72/74

    iTunes Link
  7. Get Out Your Guns

    Bronx Cheerleader


    Real Punks Don't Sing About Girls [Explicit]

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  8. BREAK

  9. Rabbit Habbits

    Man Man

    A true howl

    Rabbit Habits

    iTunes Link
  10. Who’ll Pay The Bills?

    Field Music

    Odd metered, it is


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  11. O Coco Da Galinha


    Hot as a pepper

    Carnivale Electricos

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  12. God Help This Divorce

    Miike Snow

    Oddly cold

    Happy To You [+Digital Booklet]

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  13. BREAK

  14. Train from King’s Cross Station

    Tender Trap

    So retro nostalgic!

    Ten Songs About Girls

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  15. Gossip

    Ben Kweller


    Go Fly A Kite [+Digital Booklet]

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  16. The Malkin Jewel

    The Mars Volta

    What is it with the weird meters?


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  17. Cold Again


    I’d call it wistful

    A Sleep & A Forgetting (Deluxe Edition)

    iTunes Link
  18. BREAK

  19. Fantastic Explosion Of Time


    Thudding like a soft pillow

    Beard, Wives, Denim

    iTunes Link
  20. I’ve Been Trying

    DJ Shadow

    Late AM radio, ladioes

    Reconstructed : The Best Of DJ Shadow

    iTunes Link
  21. Stayed Out Late

    Raging Teens

    Boogie and beat

  22. Suena


    Is that Gorillaz I hear?


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  23. BREAK

  24. Sleeping Ute

    Grizzly Bear

    By request


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  25. Diablo Azul


    A bit smooth for them


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  26. Virginia Gal

    Deer Tick

    I like this roughness

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  27. Be The Void

    Dr. Dog

    Kinda empty, isn’t it?

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  28. BREAK

  29. Archie’s Army

    Apache Dropout

    A deep dark bubblegum graveyard

    Bubblegum Graveyard

    iTunes Link
  30. Blues For Alexandra

    Romano Mussolini

    Any relation, I wonder

  31. Monkey Say

    Young Fresh Fellows

    Nobody understands our simian friends better

    It's Low Beat Time

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  32. Darkness

    The Police

    Fumbling for a key to a door that’s wide open

    Ghost In The Machine

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  33. BREAK

  34. Big Jilm


    Don’t you mess with Big Jilm

    Pure Guava

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  35. The City Sleeps

    MC 900 Foot Jesus

    Going out to Ty!

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  36. Old Paul

    MC Paul Barman

    Bust a capillary

    Paullelujah!? Remastered + Bonused

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  37. I Love Being Here With You

    Peggy Lee

    Let’s be classy for a few minutes

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  38. BREAK

  39. Here, There and Everywhere

    The Beatles

    From my favorite Beatles album


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  40. The End of That

    Plants and Animals

    Tonight’s featured band from Canadia

    The End Of That

    iTunes Link
  41. Beastie Boys / Make Some Noise


    Slice ‘em and dice ‘em

    Cornelius - Cm4 [Japan CD] WPCL-11113
  42. BREAK

  43. Rolled Together (with Neon Indian)

    The Antlers

    Softly shuffle off


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