Radio Playlist for 1/8/2013

Alabama Shakes, All About Chad, Big Sandy + His Fly-Rite Boys, Boredoms, Carl Henry Brueggen, Chris Lawhorn, David Allan Coe, Dr. Dog, Etienne Charry, Hey Ocean!, Hurra Torpedo, Italian Secret Service, Jake Shimabukuro, Kid Koala, Little Red Rocket, Mad Tea Party, Madness, Melvins Lite, Messer Chups, Monarco & Velha Guard Da Portela, Nicolas Jaar, Ozomatli, Pachanga Boys, Robert Wyatt, Señor Coconut, Tennis, The Awkward Stage, The Kiss Offs, The Orwells, The Perms, Xavier Rudd, Young Fresh Fellows

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  1. Song
  2. Zombie in a Mini Skirt

    Messer Chups


    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. 7 bit Blues

    Kid Koala

    Slicing and dicing

    iTunes Link
  5. Tequila Calling

    Big Sandy + His Fly-Rite Boys

    We all get that phone call now and then

    iTunes Link
  6. Moscow Discow

    Señor Coconut

    It can be none other

    iTunes Link
  7. BREAK

  8. Big Girl

    Dr. Dog

    Is she wearing her big girl pants?

    iTunes Link
  9. Pauvre Sélénite

    Etienne Charry

    Former Michel Gondry bandmate…

    iTunes Link
  10. Mmm Mmm Mmm

    The Kiss Offs

    Spell it right

    iTunes Link
  11. Cassavetes – Latest Disgrace – Waiting Room – F-D

    Chris Lawhorn

    Probably not what you thought it would be

    iTunes Link
  12. BREAK

  13. I Believe In What You Do

    Little Red Rocket


  14. Bed And Breakfast


    Second wave classic

    iTunes Link
  15. Walkin’ Bum

    David Allan Coe

    The real deal

  16. Legs

    Pachanga Boys

    How do you set someone’s legs on fire?

    iTunes Link
  17. BREAK

  18. Heaps Of Sheep

    Robert Wyatt

    It makes me woozy

    iTunes Link
  19. Vivien Leigh

    All About Chad

    Most excellent

  20. Let’s Talk About Hi-Fi

    Carl Henry Brueggen

    How’s your mellow?

  21. Dreaming


    Softly back and forth

    iTunes Link
  22. BREAK

  23. Mama

    Alabama Shakes

    Too too short

  24. So Tired

    Italian Secret Service

    How apropos

    iTunes Link
  25. If I Were a Ship

    Hey Ocean!

    Hmmm, punctuation in band names

    iTunes Link
  26. BREAK

  27. The Mess

    The Perms


    iTunes Link
  28. Creating a Dream

    Xavier Rudd

    Somewhat angelic

    iTunes Link
  29. Como Ves


    Let’s get this thing moving

    iTunes Link
  30. All the Things (S)he Said

    Hurra Torpedo

    I think those are washing machines

    iTunes Link
  31. BREAK

  32. Todo Passa

    Monarco & Velha Guard Da Portela

    A visit to the old samba school

  33. Acid Police



  34. 62 Years

    Mad Tea Party

    Quite quite twee

    iTunes Link
  35. Heaven Is For Easy Girls

    The Awkward Stage

    When is that over?

    iTunes Link
  36. BREAK

  37. Let Me Roll It

    Melvins Lite

    Not very lite at all.

    iTunes Link
  38. Suspended

    The Orwells

    Kids these days

    iTunes Link
  39. Gone Fishing

    Jake Shimabukuro

    You can call it a ditty

    iTunes Link
  40. This Little Mystery

    Young Fresh Fellows

    Still a favorite

  41. BREAK

  42. Space is Only Noise If You Can See

    Nicolas Jaar

    Synaesthesia, anyone?

    iTunes Link
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