Radio Playlist for 2/19/2013

Amon Tobin, Bad Books, Beats Antique, Benjamin Gibbard, Black Girls, Commercial, Dirty Projectors, Dr. Dog, Dressy Bessy, Fantastic Johnny C., Field Music, Foxygen, Gabin, Jake Bugg, Jim Duffy, Jon and Roy, Kellies, Kid Koala, Los Straitjackets, METZ, Mad Tea Party, Mala, Mexican Institute Of Sound, Mondo Crescendo, Pansy Division, Taken By Trees, Thao + The Get Down Stay Down, The Anubian Lights, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Burning Of Rome, Tim Burgess

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  1. Song
  2. California Sun (featuring Dave Alvin)

    Los Straitjackets

    Kalifornia Klassic

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Bang Bang To The Rock N’ Roll


    Music for tweaking websites

    iTunes Link
  5. Hero

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

    Making the librarians go damn

    iTunes Link
  6. Dream Song

    Benjamin Gibbard

    You go, Gibby!

    iTunes Link
  7. BREAK

  8. Cuba Electronic


    What was that?

    iTunes Link
  9. These Days

    Dr. Dog

    Always surprising

    iTunes Link
  10. The New York Editor

    Amon Tobin

    For obvious reasons

    iTunes Link
  11. Two Fingers

    Jake Bugg

    Keep it up, Jake

    iTunes Link
  12. BREAK

  13. Especulando

    Mexican Institute Of Sound

    Jiggle the handle

    iTunes Link
  14. Time Of Dyin’

    Jon and Roy

    Like a breeze

    iTunes Link
  15. Cowboy Death-Pop Star

    The Burning Of Rome

    A bit of contrast

    iTunes Link
  16. Brotherhood Of Man

    Mad Tea Party

    Step inside the tent

    iTunes Link
  17. BREAK

  18. Only You

    Taken By Trees

    Haunting about

    iTunes Link
  19. Erase You


    Don’t mess with pissed off chicas

    iTunes Link
  20. I Saw Cinnamon

    Dressy Bessy


    iTunes Link
  21. Just Like Everyone Else

    Field Music

    3:01 AM

    iTunes Link
  22. BREAK

  23. Country Song

    Black Girls


    iTunes Link
  24. Boogaloo Down Broadway

    Fantastic Johnny C.

    Go on, do it

    iTunes Link
  25. No Destruction


    Best fake VU since Luna

    iTunes Link
  26. BREAK

  27. Commercial 3


    Missing hollAnd something fierce

    iTunes Link
  28. Just Kiss Me

    Mondo Crescendo

    Let’s play obscure ’90s pop!

  29. Headache


    Methinks Ty would like it

    iTunes Link
  30. Offspring Are Blank

    Dirty Projectors

    This strange orchestration

    iTunes Link
  31. BREAK

  32. Look Here

    Jim Duffy

    Feelin’ jazzy

    iTunes Link
  33. The Doors Of Then (The Spaced Cowboy Mix – Tom Furse)

    Tim Burgess

    I like it

    iTunes Link
  34. No Reward

    Bad Books

    Majestic it is

    iTunes Link
  35. Bad Boyfriend (Clean)

    Pansy Division

    Don’t be a bad boyfriend

    iTunes Link
  36. BREAK

  37. The Feeling Kind

    Thao + The Get Down Stay Down

    Digging the new album

    iTunes Link
  38. 2 bit Blues

    Kid Koala

    All sorts of bits

    iTunes Link
  39. Merry Go Round

    Beats Antique

    Deconstructing something

    iTunes Link
  40. BREAK

  41. Epsilon

    The Anubian Lights

    Flowing out like water

    iTunes Link
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