Radio Playlist for 5/28/2013

Beats Antique, Bombay The Hardway, Bossacucanova, Cocteau Twins, Cop Shoot Cop, Cornershop, Daikaiju, Dirty Projectors, Gibby Haynes & Jack White, La Zikabilo, Malandro 95, Malik Adouane, Maps & Atlases, Marshall Crenshaw, Pavement, Ra Ra Riot, STRFKR, Sky-Line, Slim Cessna, SoCalled, Squeeze, Stornoway, The Avalanches, The Clash, The Flaming Lips, The Incredible Moses Leroy, The Little Ones, The Manatees, The Police, Thee Oh Sees, They Might Be Giants, Vampire Weekend, Vocal Sampling

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  1. Song
  2. Shaft (Orientale Version)

    Malik Adouane

    Back to basics

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Loose Pick

    Malandro 95

    Thank you Bovine Ska!

  5. Desire to Love

    Dirty Projectors

    Grim grim sound

    iTunes Link
  6. I Come From The Mountain

    Thee Oh Sees

    Fuzz me plenty

    iTunes Link
  7. Born in the 50’s

    The Police

    More classics on their way

    iTunes Link
  8. BREAK

  9. Icky

    They Might Be Giants

    Jibbery jiants

    iTunes Link
  10. Close to You

    The Avalanches

    Let’s have a bit of everything

    iTunes Link
  11. Mambo No. 5

    La Zikabilo

    Snappy in that French way

    iTunes Link
  12. Cruel To Be Kind

    Marshall Crenshaw

    With Christine Ohlman, the Beehive Queen

    iTunes Link
  13. BREAK

  14. Fight Test

    The Flaming Lips

    What is it?

    iTunes Link
  15. Sleep On The Left Side


    Keep your sword arm free

    iTunes Link
  16. Mansard Roof (Live @ KEXP)

    Vampire Weekend

    For all lovers of Mansard Rooves

  17. BREAK

  18. Binary Mind

    Ra Ra Riot

    It’s definitely digital

    iTunes Link
  19. Farewell Appalachia


    All over the place

    iTunes Link
  20. The Porch

    Beats Antique

    Weird wobbles in timing

    iTunes Link
  21. Beep Beep Love

    The Incredible Moses Leroy

    Skippy rip

    iTunes Link
  22. BREAK

  23. Beach Monster


    I’ve been hypnotized

    iTunes Link
  24. Brinx Job


    It makes me giddy

    iTunes Link
  25. Goddamn Blue Yodel #7

    Slim Cessna

    So godamn blue.

    iTunes Link
  26. Vai De Vez


    Sweet and bouncy

    iTunes Link
  27. BREAK

  28. Nowhere

    Cop Shoot Cop

    All hail 5/4

    iTunes Link
  29. Tabla Tastiko


    Of unknown provenance

    iTunes Link
  30. Vampires

    Maps & Atlases

    Again with the vampires

    iTunes Link
  31. Awol

    The Little Ones

    Cactus pear music

    iTunes Link
  32. BREAK

  33. Mendoza

    The Manatees

    Pretty sprightly for manatees

    iTunes Link
  34. Punjabis, Pimps + Players

    Bombay The Hardway

    With the talents of Dan the Automator

    iTunes Link
  35. Sugar Hiccup

    Cocteau Twins

    It’s chiming

    iTunes Link
  36. You Are Never Alone


    For Jewish cowboys everywhere

    iTunes Link
  37. BREAK

  38. Paul’s Not Home

    Gibby Haynes & Jack White

    White Surfers? Butthole Stripes?

    iTunes Link
  39. Banana Boat

    Vocal Sampling

    From Cuba, I think

    iTunes Link
  40. Train In Vain

    The Clash

    Ah yes

    iTunes Link
  41. Another Nail In My Heart


    Moar Squeezing, less wheezing

    iTunes Link
  42. BREAK

  43. Escape From Nebula M Spacehunter


    I don’t think they’re gonna make it

    iTunes Link
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