Radio Playlist for 7/9/2013

Big Ass Truck, Cake, Chris Lawhorn, Chris Murray, David Byrne & St. Vincent, Delicate Steve, Graham Coxon, Here We Go Magic, Josh Roseman, Lali Puna, Los Straitjackets, Maps & Atlases, Melvins, Mux Mool, Noisettes, Ondatrópica, Piero Piccioni, Pond, Roger Miller, Sic Alps, Tender Trap, The Futureheads, The Loud Family, The Orwells, The Perms, The Spinto Band, Thee Oh Sees, These United States, Todd Snider, United Future Organization, Wendy Carlos, Zoogz Rift

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  1. Song
  2. Sing, Sing, Sing

    Los Straitjackets

    What is hotter than Krupa? Masks!

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  3. BREAK

  4. Merlinfist!

    Mux Mool


    iTunes Link
  5. 3X Over

    Big Ass Truck

    Weird ass funk

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  6. Comanche


    Old Cake never goes stale

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  7. BREAK

  8. The Organizer

    Chris Murray

    One of my favorites

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  9. Man Ray

    The Futureheads

    Are these the voices in my head?

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  10. Takin’ It As It Comes

    Todd Snider

    Burning it up like Jerry Jeff Walker

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  11. Hard To Be Close

    Here We Go Magic

    Sounds like… Nick Lowe?

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  12. BREAK

  13. That Girl


    Oh, that voice

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  14. High School High

    The Perms

    They hardly sound Canadian!

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  15. Elegant Design


    They surely be trippin’

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  16. Muesli

    The Spinto Band

    Montage music

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  17. BREAK

  18. Born Young

    These United States

    Can we say epic?

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  19. Flying Saucer

    United Future Organization

    I’m sure you’ve seen them too

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  20. Title From Clockwork Orange

    Wendy Carlos

    Hello, David Lee Beowulf.

  21. The Breather

    Zoogz Rift

    Don’t anthopomorphize the circle.

  22. BREAK

  23. God Bless Her, I Miss Her

    Sic Alps

    Let’s bookend this one

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  24. King Of The Road

    Roger Miller

    A classic with a bass line

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  25. Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie

    Josh Roseman

    How rude. I love it.

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  26. Wax Face

    Thee Oh Sees

    Thrum thrum

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  27. BREAK

  28. Halloween All Year

    The Orwells

    It’s rock*a*teeny

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  29. Who

    David Byrne & St. Vincent

    Damn. Horns.

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  30. Full Disclosure – Do You Like Me – Polish – Life And Limb

    Chris Lawhorn

    Bits and pieces

  31. Wondervisions

    Delicate Steve

    The three-year anniversary is today!

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  32. BREAK

  33. Advice

    Graham Coxon

    If I were you, I’d take it

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  34. Broken Doll

    Tender Trap

    Featuring folks from Heavenly and Marine Research, natch

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  35. Old & Gray

    Maps & Atlases


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  36. BREAK

  37. Ursula Shake

    Piero Piccioni

    I can’t get enough

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  38. I Ron Man


    “El ron se acabo!”

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  39. Stick ‘Em Up Bitch


    Dead straight ahead

  40. Jimmy Still Comes Around

    The Loud Family

    Jimmy’s on drugs again

  41. BREAK

  42. Safe Tomorrow (Odd Nosdam Remix)

    Lali Puna


    iTunes Link
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