Radio Playlist for 8/27/2013

Tonight’s show is pre-recorded.

Aluminum Babe, Asylum Street Spankers, Ben Vaughn, Bongwater, Carneyball Johnson, Chris Murray, Dread Zeppelin, Elliott Smith, Guy Forsyth, Heavy Vegetable, Holly Golightly, I Fight Dragons, Los Super Seven, Meat Purveyors, Mike Doughty, Money Mark, Robyn Hitchcock, Seu Jorge And Almaz, Sex Clark Five, Southern Culture On The Skids, Superchunk, The Bobs, The Extra Glenns, The Fall, The Fucking Eagles, The Moog Cookbook, The Scofflaws, Tripping Daisy, Vic Chestnutt, Willie Nillie, Yo La Tengo, a.k.a:RUDIE

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  1. Song
  2. 100,000 Fireflies


    Noisy Magnetic Fields

  3. 25 Or 6 To 4

    The Moog Cookbook

    Beeping Chicago

  4. Memories

    The Extra Glenns

    Warbling Leonard Cohen

  5. Science Fiction Double Feature

    Chris Murray

    Plaintive Rocky Horror

  6. BREAK

  7. Pepe y Irene

    Money Mark

    Suave Los Lobos

  8. Oliver’s Army


    Skankin’ Elvis Costello

  9. Night Lights Went Out In Georgia

    Vic Chestnutt

    We miss Vic.

  10. BREAK

  11. White Room

    The Bobs

    A cappella Cream

  12. Museum Of Love

    Meat Purveyors

    Honky Tonk Daniel Johnston

  13. The Model

    Seu Jorge And Almaz

    Desolate Krafwerk

  14. When I Will Be Loved

    The Fucking Eagles

    AKA The Effin’ Eagles

  15. BREAK

  16. Train to Chicago

    Mike Doughty

    Live Drink Me

  17. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

    The Scofflaws

    Raging Danny Elfman

  18. Indian Bingo

    Tripping Daisy

    Tribute to Brainiac

  19. Ça Plane Pour Moi

    Aluminum Babe

    Like Plastic Bertrand, but snottier

  20. BREAK

  21. Black Dog

    Dread Zeppelin

    Cuisinart Led Zeppelin

  22. BREAK

  23. El Camino

    Ben Vaughn

    Together with Ween again

  24. My Window Faces the South

    Los Super Seven

    Let’s hear it for Willy Nelson

  25. Why Bother?

    I Fight Dragons

    Eight-bit Weezer

  26. Muswell Hillbilly

    Southern Culture On The Skids

    Hillbillyfyin’ the Kinks

  27. BREAK

  28. TV Party

    Asylum Street Spankers

    Hulu Party for Black Flag

  29. Excesses

    Heavy Vegetable

    Investigating Klark Kent

  30. More Than This

    Robyn Hitchcock

    Live Roxy Music

  31. BREAK

  32. Here Comes My Baby

    Yo La Tengo

    Paying tribute to Cat Stevens

  33. Because

    Elliott Smith

    Vocal avalanche for the Beatles

  34. Delirious

    Guy Forsyth

    Snarling Prince

  35. Victoria

    The Fall

    Have more Kinks

  36. BREAK

  37. Police On My Back

    Willie Nillie

    The Clash is always relevant

  38. Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White

    Carneyball Johnson

    Updated Perez Prado

  39. Use Me

    Holly Golightly

    Derangeder than Bill Withers

  40. Career Opportunities

    Sex Clark Five

    Never enough Clash

  41. BREAK

  42. You Don’t Love Me Yet


    From Roky Erickson’s dream journal

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