Radio Playlist for 11/19/2013

Armando Trovajoli, Big Ass Truck, Black Pistol Fire, Brendan Benson, Bruno Nicolai, Chandler Travis Three-0, Delicate Steve, Elis Regina, Fishbone, Future of the Left, Gabby La La, Gabriel Rios, Giraffes, Here We Go Magic, Hoosier Hot Shots, JD McPherson, Les Sans Culottes, Louise Quinn & Kid Loco, Lovage, Mexican Institute Of Sound, Milk Cult, Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich+Fussible, Presidents Of The USA, Serge Gainsbourg, Spoozys, The Bar-Kays, The Format, The Heavy, The Librarians, The Orwells, The Raveonettes, The Vaccines, Three Mile Pilot

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  1. Song
  2. Long Way Up

    Three Mile Pilot

    Someone unpaused the tape


    iTunes Link
  3. The Ballad of Speck and Pebble

    Delicate Steve

    A bit like Graceland, and Two of Us

    iTunes Link
  4. One Night

    Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich+Fussible

    From the free Nacional sampler!

    iTunes Link
  5. Poodle Mouth


    Chris Ballew in a mellow mood

    iTunes Link
  6. BREAK

  7. North Side Gal

    JD McPherson

    The honk AND the tonk

    iTunes Link
  8. Bala Com Bala

    Elis Regina

    Something classic from Brazil

    iTunes Link
  9. Peace & Quiet

    The Librarians

    The librarians are yelling at kids again

    iTunes Link
  10. Soul Finger

    The Bar-Kays

    The Blues Brothers would blast out with this one

    iTunes Link
  11. BREAK

  12. One Step Forward

    Chandler Travis Three-0

    Travis still keeping it real

    iTunes Link
  13. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)


    The Spoozys in a pensive mood

    iTunes Link
  14. Young And Cold

    The Raveonettes

    Is that really Danish?

    iTunes Link
  15. Oh Jackie

    Louise Quinn & Kid Loco

    Got that major third thing going

    iTunes Link
  16. BREAK

  17. Stroker Ace


    Smooth like Lovage

    iTunes Link
  18. Tens And Twenties

    Milk Cult

    High weirdness

  19. I’m Actual

    The Format

    Come on, Sam!

    iTunes Link
  20. Sessomatto

    Armando Trovajoli

    “The Italian “”Soul Makossa””

    iTunes Link
  21. BREAK

  22. Change of Heart Pt.2

    The Vaccines

    From … London?

    iTunes Link
  23. I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones)

    Hoosier Hot Shots

    Ancient history, learn it

    iTunes Link
  24. Beelzelbub

    Black Pistol Fire

    Smells like powder burns

    iTunes Link
  25. In My Bed

    The Orwells

    Young and yowling

    iTunes Link
  26. BREAK

  27. Pirates

    Gabby La La

    It’s that voice again

    iTunes Link
  28. Autostrade Per Los Angeles

    Bruno Nicolai

    Can’t get enough cine sesso!

  29. Où Est Où Est?

    Les Sans Culottes

    Not French!!! Brooklish!

    iTunes Link
  30. Beneath the Waves an Ocean

    Future of the Left

    Welsh and angry

    iTunes Link
  31. BREAK

  32. You’re Quiet

    Brendan Benson


    iTunes Link
  33. I Believe In Action

    Here We Go Magic

    It’s ssstrange, isn’t it?

    iTunes Link
  34. Es-toy

    Mexican Institute Of Sound

    Go get it!!!

    iTunes Link
  35. Natural Disaster

    Gabriel Rios

    It’s David Garza all over again

    iTunes Link
  36. BREAK

  37. ? (Modern Industry)


    Crazy ridiculous nonstop

    iTunes Link
  38. Peaches

    Presidents Of The USA

    Rob remembers college

    iTunes Link
  39. The Lonesome Road

    The Heavy

    None more heavy

    iTunes Link
  40. The Neco

    Big Ass Truck

    Woozy NOLA

    iTunes Link
  41. BREAK

  42. Je t’aime… moi non plus

    Serge Gainsbourg

    Ending with a classic

    iTunes Link
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