Radio Playlist for 1/14/2014

Chinese Man, Clinic, Cocteau Twins, Eleanor Friedberger, Elvis Costello, Emiliana Torrini, It Hugs Back, Jake Bugg, Japandroids, Lloyd Cole And The Commotions, Mara Carlyle, Mu-Ziq, Portland Cello Project, Queen, Rhett Miller, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Sara DeBell, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Sonny & The Sunsets, Soul Coughing, Spin Doctors, The Paradimes, The Purrs, The Shivas, The Special AKA, Wild Kingdom, ZZ Top

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  1. Song
  2. Love Rollercoaster

    Robert Randolph & The Family Band

    Bold choice

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. There’s a Beast and We All Feed It

    Jake Bugg

    He’s back…

    iTunes Link
  5. Chinese Man

    Chinese Man

    Nice groove, hardly Asian

    iTunes Link
  6. Janine

    Soul Coughing

    Sweet Janine

    iTunes Link
  7. Rusty Cage

    Sara DeBell

    I feel tinkly

  8. BREAK

  9. Thrill Yr Idols

    The Shivas


    iTunes Link
  10. Sweet Dreams (Acoustic Version)

    Rhett Miller

    Pleasantly old fashioned

    iTunes Link
  11. Over and Out

    The Purrs

    I believe we can say soaring

    iTunes Link
  12. Stone Cold Crazy


    Is that Queen or ZZ Top?

    iTunes Link
  13. About A Train

    Spin Doctors

    Sorry for all the mockery, guys

    iTunes Link
  14. BREAK

  15. Bowlface En Provence

    Mara Carlyle

    Like Bali Hai but more haunting

  16. Iceblink Luck

    Cocteau Twins

    Howdy Matt!

    iTunes Link
  17. Waiting Room

    It Hugs Back

    Nothing to do with the Fugazi tune

    iTunes Link
  18. When Fever Breaks

    Emiliana Torrini

    Spooky jungle stuff for Ty

    iTunes Link
  19. BREAK

  20. Roma / Destiny

    Wild Kingdom

    A mad punk circus

  21. I’m Down (feat. Chanticleer)

    Portland Cello Project

    Beck at his Waitsiest

    iTunes Link
  22. Memories


    Heavy heavy heavy

    iTunes Link
  23. Sunglasses

    Saturday Looks Good to Me

    Best sort of pop

    iTunes Link
  24. BREAK

  25. The House That Heaven Built



    iTunes Link
  26. La Grange

    ZZ Top

    I think they like it

    iTunes Link
  27. War Crimes

    The Special AKA

    6:14 AM

    iTunes Link
  28. Greenshirt (demo version)

    Elvis Costello

    Acoustic but no less acid

    iTunes Link
  29. BREAK

  30. Green Blood

    Sonny & The Sunsets

    It’s a strange story

    iTunes Link
  31. Lost Weekend

    Lloyd Cole And The Commotions

    I remember this video

    iTunes Link
  32. Stare At The Sun

    Eleanor Friedberger

    From the Fiery Furnaces

    iTunes Link
  33. Diamonds And Pearls

    The Paradimes

    Classic sound

    iTunes Link
  34. BREAK

  35. XT


    Space Out!

    iTunes Link
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