Radio Playlist for 3/11/2014

Ashley Park, Bass Drum Of Death, Brendan Benson, Consolidated, David Lindley & El Rayo-X, Deadbeats, Devo, Fastball, Future Of The Left, Gangstagrass, Harry Nilsson, John Wizards, Jonathan Richman, Kakkmaddafakka, Los Amigos Invisibles, Malcolm McLaren, Mount Kimbie, North Mississippi Allstars, Parquet Courts, Portland Cello Project, Puff Tube, Ren + Stimpy, Sex Clark Five, The Clash, The Fauns, The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band, The Ramones, The Rock*A*Teens, The Weirdos, Toro y Moi, Unrest, Whitey, Zig Speck & The Specktones, of Montreal

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  1. Song
  2. I Fought The Law

    The Clash

    The original was pretty rocking too

    iTunes Link
  3. Banks of the Ohio (feat. Alexa Dirks)


    Love that rough voice

    iTunes Link
  4. Rough On Rats (feat. Chanticleer)

    Portland Cello Project

    Vaguely menacing

    iTunes Link
  5. Johnny Borrell Afterlife

    Future Of The Left

    Strangely, very Welsh-sounding

    iTunes Link
  6. Double Dutch

    Malcolm McLaren

    Gotta love Malcolm

    iTunes Link
  7. Helium Bar

    The Weirdos

    Weird weird weirdos

    iTunes Link
  8. Captain’s Log/Space Madness

    Ren + Stimpy

    Fortunately, we had to eat the spaceship

  9. Soul Finger/Shriek Bum Liimbo/Circus Freak/Midget Tolerance

    Puff Tube

    Thanks, Charley!

  10. The Great Divide

    Ashley Park

    Have a pop chaser

    iTunes Link
  11. Blitzkrieg Bop

    The Ramones

    Live in Spain

    iTunes Link
  12. Snake Drive

    North Mississippi Allstars

    Featuring guitar scratchery

    iTunes Link
  13. Do the Nothing (with Erol Alkan)


    Whitey keeping it coming

  14. Shake

    The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band

    Unusual groove

    iTunes Link
  15. R*A*T*Step

    The Rock*A*Teens

    Let’s hear it for reverb

    iTunes Link
  16. In Flames

    The Fauns

    Sounding very 4AD

    iTunes Link
  17. Brainless


    More LA weirdness

    iTunes Link
  18. Do Ya’ Wanna Dance?

    David Lindley & El Rayo-X

    Dooyoo dooyoo dooyoo

    iTunes Link
  19. Donuts Only

    Parquet Courts

    Me and Ty’s new favorite

    iTunes Link
  20. A Plan For U


    A plahn fer yew

    iTunes Link
  21. Make Out Club


    The American contingent of 4AD

    iTunes Link
  22. No Song


    So happyness!

    iTunes Link
  23. White Fright

    Bass Drum Of Death

    Thump thump thump

    iTunes Link
  24. Libby O’Lively

    Sex Clark Five

    What, it’s over?

    iTunes Link
  25. Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse

    of Montreal

    Angularity, thy name is that.

    iTunes Link
  26. iYongwe

    John Wizards


    iTunes Link
  27. Coconut

    Harry Nilsson

    Still a weirdo

    iTunes Link
  28. I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar

    Jonathan Richman

    I surrender! I surrender!

    iTunes Link
  29. Vuelo hasta tus pies

    Los Amigos Invisibles

    From the early days

  30. Out of My Head


    Austin fever

    iTunes Link
  31. You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule)

    Mount Kimbie

    Hard to forget that voice

    iTunes Link
  32. Butyric Acid


    These guys don’t mess around

    iTunes Link
  33. Pretty Baby

    Brendan Benson

    Delightfully Detroit

    iTunes Link
  34. Fruitcakes

    Zig Speck & The Specktones

    More Sonny Madness

    iTunes Link
  35. So Many Details

    Toro y Moi

    Dreamscape soundtrack

    iTunes Link
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