Radio Playlist for 4/15/2014

Alex Arrowsmith, Built To Spill, Chinese Man, Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dusminguet, Fruit Bats, Ha Ha Tonka, Heavy Trash, King Missile, Kirby Krackle, Los Amigos Invisibles, Medeski Martin + Wood, Metric, Mexican Institute of Sound, Montefiori Cocktail, Neutral Milk Hotel, Primus, Ray Davies, Sondre Lerche, St. Vincent, Taraf De Tucson, Thao (with the Get Down Stay Down), The Bobs, The Donettes, The Drums, The KLF, The Minus 5, The Sugarplastic, The Unicorns, To Roccoco Rot, Trombone Shorty, Ursula 1000, Ween, Zomby

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  1. Song
  2. Mr. Bassman

    Sondre Lerche

    Floyd kept it together man.

    iTunes Link
  3. BREAK

  4. Days

    The Drums

    From their new one…

    iTunes Link
  5. Jellybones

    The Unicorns

    A legendary classic, dammit

    iTunes Link
  6. Up Nights

    Ha Ha Tonka

    All the way from the Ozarks

    iTunes Link
  7. Witch Hunt


    Beep and blorp

    iTunes Link
  8. BREAK

  9. Three Years Ago Today

    Built To Spill

    From their fuzzy debut

    iTunes Link
  10. On a Slow Night


    Slowly Canadian

    iTunes Link
  11. Hey Tía!

    Mexican Institute of Sound

    Viva el tuto!

    iTunes Link
  12. Roses Are Free


    The sound of Ween’s happiest album

    iTunes Link
  13. BREAK

  14. Sgt. Baker


    Welcome to Primus’ army

    iTunes Link
  15. High School

    The Minus 5

    The next best thing to some YFF

  16. 3 A.m. Eternal (Original Album Version)

    The KLF

    Original British loonies

    iTunes Link
  17. Hey Jesus

    King Missile

    Everybody wants to know

    iTunes Link
  18. BREAK

  19. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

    Neutral Milk Hotel

    Is it overkill to say plaintive yowl?

    iTunes Link
  20. Down Featuring Scratch Bandits Crew

    Chinese Man

    Watch that ticker

    iTunes Link
  21. Set Me Free

    Ray Davies

    Short and sweet

  22. Get Your Monkey Off My Dog

    The Bobs

    Is that AC/DC?

    iTunes Link
  23. BREAK

  24. Dilettante

    St. Vincent

    I dig the ‘70s arrangement.

    iTunes Link
  25. Vaya Con Dios

    Taraf De Tucson

    Moar mariachi!

  26. La Dansa De L’Imbecil


    Cataluñan frenzy

  27. Bag of Hammers

    Thao (with the Get Down Stay Down)


    iTunes Link
  28. BREAK

  29. The Ruminant Band

    Fruit Bats

    From Chicago

    iTunes Link
  30. Shut Your Mouth

    The Donettes

    Sounds like old Motown

  31. Henchman

    Kirby Krackle

    It’s not easy being a henchman.

    iTunes Link
  32. Mr. Bongo

    Ursula 1000

    Dance about the room

  33. BREAK

  34. Lagniappe (Part 2)

    Trombone Shorty

    More shortness

    iTunes Link
  35. Don’t Look Down

    The Sugarplastic

    From the Powerpuff Girls album

  36. No Le Metas Mano

    Los Amigos Invisibles

    Weirdly different

    iTunes Link
  37. I Can Kill My Enemies With My Mind

    Alex Arrowsmith

    He doesn’t have hands

    iTunes Link
  38. BREAK

  39. Panik

    Heavy Trash


  40. Agua De Beber

    Montefiori Cocktail

    From Italy!

    iTunes Link
  41. Cars

    To Roccoco Rot

    From Germany!

  42. Banana Meltdown

    Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

    From Olympia!

    iTunes Link
  43. BREAK

  44. Partido Alto

    Medeski Martin + Wood

    Insert found sounds

    iTunes Link
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