Episode 100 – Keep Brevard Weird

Keep Brevard Weird

Thirty Years of Space Coast Music

This is the final episode of The Lacking Organization broadcast on WFIT on September 6, 2016. It features guests Ryan Blount and Patty Bleu, who perform songs from their upcoming split 7″ and get dragged down the verbal path by yours truly. In between and all around, we play a selection of original music originating in the Brevard County, Florida area, ranging from the last 30 years.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed music for this episode. I received so many amazing entries, but in the end I had about three times more music than I could fit. I picked a couple of personal favorites and let the random do its business. If you sent me a track and it’s not here, I apologize for the luck of the draw.

It has been a pleasure to bring this haphazard collection of random sonic excursions to the ears of listeners in Brevard County for eight years. I appreciate all the emails, tweets, messages, and phone calls, even if they have gone unanswered in the frantic cycle that is a weekly radio show. The Lacking Organization may now be off the air, but as one door closes, many others open. Stay tuned for the return of this mess of a musical aggregate in one form or another!

In this episode: Agent86, Brevard Busking Coalition, Cateye, Dead Serios, Dirty Poodle, Fields of Saturn, Freeflow Conspiracy, Ghostbeat, Jeffrey Stanton, KONGLOM, Oranga Tanga, Patty Bleu, Peter Tuck, Ryan Blount, Screaming Iguanas Of Love, Sounds of Nebula, Southern Fried Genocide, The Basement Scene, The Green Goblyn Project, The Sleep Tights, Two Fishes, What!, loftboys

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  1. Song
  2. Squeals Of Enjoyment

    Dirty Poodle

    From Brevard about Brevard

  3. BREAK

  4. Broken Tail Save

    Peter Tuck

    Good old fashioned Peter Tuck

  5. Living the Dream

    Two Fishes

    Now in the studio

  6. Wild, Wild, Wild

    Screaming Iguanas Of Love

    First band I saw in Brevard

  7. Naf


    Courtesy of Kurt

  8. BREAK

  9. Soul

    Sounds of Nebula

    Thank you Gabe!

  10. Spec


    Miss you, brYan

  11. Cement Factory

    The Sleep Tights

    Live on TLO, March 2014

  12. BREAK

  13. Oh Dave

    Ryan Blount

    Live on TLO

  14. Fertilizer

    Patty Bleu

    Live on TLO

  15. BREAK

  16. doo-wap song


    Thanks for Mac De Marco, Josh

  17. Paranoia

    Patty Bleu

    Live on TLO

  18. Jackpot

    Ryan Blount

    Live on TLO

  19. BREAK

  20. Blue Rita

    The Green Goblyn Project

    Too filthy to be any longer

  21. Cackling Call

    Ryan Blount

    Live on TLO

  22. Silverfish

    Patty Bleu

    Live on TLO

  23. BREAK

  24. Sand Dune Lullaby

    Jeffrey Stanton

    An all-around nice guy

  25. Slaughterhouse

    Patty Bleu

    Live on TLO

  26. Regretless

    Ryan Blount

    Live on TLO

  27. BREAK

  28. Blood On My Hands

    Southern Fried Genocide

    Straight outta Minton

  29. BREAK

  30. Atom & Evo


    Space funk

  31. Freeflow Style

    Freeflow Conspiracy

    One of many beachside projects

  32. Butterbean Queen

    Dead Serios

    The Led Zeppelin of Brevard

  33. Hey Boy, Get Off My Ferns


    It’s what the fans want, Scott

  34. BREAK

  35. It Will Come Back

    Brevard Busking Coalition

    Another brYan Tilford song

  36. The Truth


    Courtesy of Alan

  37. Inkjet

    Fields of Saturn

    Featuring Florida Tech graduates

  38. Blackhole

    Oranga Tanga

    From their new EP

  39. BREAK

  40. Cade’s Requiem

    The Basement Scene

    Congrats, Cade