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Tales of Engraved Ulysses

It seemed like a good idea at the time, Craig Venter’s encoding of a passage from Ulysses into the man-made DNA code of their self-claimed “synthetic life form.” Now the estate of James Joyce wants their cut. Think about it —

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Album of the Moment: Baba Brinkman

The listserv at my local campus is now exploding with all manner of uncouth and unruly commentary, stemming from one student’s rant against the Creationists handing out free water and atheist-hatin’ literature on the Student Union Quad. The discussion jumped

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Lies, Damned Lies, and the Music Industry

Any article attempting to describe the sea change going on in the “Music Industry” these days, and furthermore having the temerity to display some numbers or perhaps a pretty graph to support these claims, is fundamentally flawed. The transformation that

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Album of the Moment: Miss Li

I’m digging Late Night Heartbroken Blues, the 2006 debut album by Sweden’s Miss Li (aka Linda Carlsson). Miss Li — it doesn’t feel right to address her as an unadorned “Li” — sings in lovely lilting English, and with the

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Axe Cop: The Meme

It’s rumored that Nikola Tesla once built a simple mechanical device which, when placed somewhere inside a building, would find the structure’s natural resonance and exploit it in a way that would have the building shaking itself to pieces within

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Alice and Kev

I’ve been sucked into the story of Alice and Kev, two characters in The Sims 3 which their creator has deemed shall be homeless. Alice is on the cusp of being a teenager, while Kev is her dad, an irascible, irredeemable

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What’s in a name?

  Heath Campbell wonders why it’s so difficult to purchase an inscribed birthday cake for his adorable toddler, pictured at right. It’s hard to figure out which is more disturbing: That someone named their child “Adolf Hitler,” that a newspaper

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Chinese Democracy is out?

So I found out about the release of Snakes N’ Barrels’ — I mean, Guns N’ Roses’ — I mean, Axl Rose’s — Chinese Democracy the same way I find out about any GNR news: by Axl Rose gaining the

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