Esteemed potential listeners– 

A messagegram to elucidate the scheduling of periodic activity, which is to say I’ll be on the air on WFIT every Tuesday from 10pm to midnight, rambling my haphazard musical junk and deliberating in between with lots of um’s and factoids. Asynchronous delivery of said spectacle is also available via The Lacking Organization podcast. Below! Find helpful instructions for the operation of this broadcast.



Use your home “radio” for this option. I hear tell of daring mobile radios, installed in automobiles, whose operation should be self-similar. Tune said beast to the frequency of 89.5 MHz in the FM realm, and do this at the appropriate time.


Use your Computor Station to decode a fanciful stream of 1s and 0s into an audio simulacrum of the happening! “Point” your “browser” to the following “url”: — therein you can locate an image stating “Listen Online.” “Click” on this image to bring up a “popup.” This device enables the selection of platform-specific fanciness! Operate your Computor accordingly, and do this at the appropriate time.


See detailed directions on our Podcast page.


I thank you, my imagined audience, for the time spent scanning your eyeballs in deliberation.

I am Julius C. Lacking and I approve this message.